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Posted at 20:18 on 11 Jan 2011 by Pandora / Blake

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This is exciting! Award-winning adult performer, feminist and pornographer Madison Young (whose work you've probably enjoyed on has launched a new porn project called The Woman's POV. It's part paysite and part open resource, combining free articles, sex toy, book and DVD reviews with photosets and videos inside a member's area, all exploring the concept of the female gaze and women's perspectives on sex, sexuality and porn.

Madison's work is artistic, feminist, fairtrade, queer, kinky, emotionally intimate - all my favourite things. There is no doubt, looking at her site, that this is woman-positive, woman-driven, respectful and ethically produced; but Madison Young is one of the most hardcore kinksters of them all, and the site already includes hot examples of consensual power play and D/s.

I discovered the project through a review by Violet Blue, and this quote from her article just made me want to applaud:

What I find very interesting about this is seeing links to female porn performers (where they are performing) and showing viewers which women have self-identified as feminist. These female performers, if you look at their online presence, can be found to be fully versed in various stances on women and pornography and feminism and where they fit in the pro-porn feminist ideology. They are not bubbleheads saying the word "feminist" because it is the thing to do, and they are open to engaging anti-porn pundits in debate on any level (Maggie Mayhem, Madison Young, Courtney Trouble, many others). This aspect dispels a significant assumption about women who make and perform in porn (even "extreme" porn, as some of these women do) that these women are unaware victims, or somehow duped or coerced. The Women's POV seems to be actively seeking self-aware, educated women in porn to create a community that dispels myths and empowers women that participate in porn, and women who watch porn."

Fucking yes. This is what I'm trying to do. This is what we should all be trying to do. This is, in my opinion, the future of porn.

It's weird writing this now - I've been working only this week on my own definitions of "feminist" and "fairtrade" porn as part of the branding documentation for my own embryonic spanking site (although its long gestation progresses apace; these days I'm definitely showing). Trying to translate the values of feminist pornography to the spanking genre is a complex business. I'm inspired by Madison Young's pioneering efforts in bringing the female gaze to BDSM porn. And it turns out that what I've come up with has a fair amount of overlap with the values listed on The Woman's POV:
The Womans POV is dedicated to the authentic documentation of female pleasure and orgasms. We realize the power of orgasm and plan on changing the world one climax at a time.

We are devoted to showing diversity in female identity, the expression of feminine sexual desire, diversity of body types, as well as a wide spectrum of sexual and gender identities.

We are devoted to empowering women and creating safe space for exploration of sexual desires and fantasies by handing women in our community the camera. It's time to turn on the camera and get turned on.

We are dedicated to obliterating body shame and sexual negativity through realizing and documenting of our sexual desires and our sexual culture.

We are ready to reclaim the term pornography and recruiting YOU and YOUR LOVER/S and FRIENDS to pick up the camera and show us YOUR POINT OF VIEW.
Oh yes, that's right - the project is also collaborative, and welcomes submissions of photosets, videos and prose from readers and viewers. This openness breaks down the traditional categories of performers and voyeurs; everyone is invited to participate. I'm tempted, but I won't - I've got a site of my own to build. I am delighted, however, that the road ahead is being paved so expertly. Thanks, Madison, for showing us what's possible.


It looks lovely, and I'm looking forward to submitting some writing. As far as I can tell, though, they're looking to focus on the lesbian and solo experience; that's exciting by itself, but I'd really have liked something with girls and boys in, but female gaze.

I guess I'll just wait for your site :)

Yeah, not many cismale bodies in the visual content so far, although the latest article on post-partum sex is from a hetero POV. It's also got a bit less kink than I'd like, and what there is so far is consensual real-life scenes rather than in-character fantasies. But it's a new site - and one site can't do everything.

I'm not complaining too much - it would be nice to have something new to offer by the time I get there!

Thank you for the great review Pandora! Its very exciting to see that the work that we are doing is inspiring and paving the way for future women pornographers.

In regards to boy/girl action from a womans point of view we will have that coming up on a new Feminist Porn Network web site that is focused around all boy/girl scenes from a womans view point or perspective. We have several new sites in the works so make sure to keep an eye on our Feminist Porn Network page for our newest site launches. The Woman's POV is one of our lesbian and queer sites so the videos and photos will be with lesbian or queer idenitified folk.

We also have much more coming from the kinky perspective. Today's video update actually has some POV spanking :) There is some hot foot fetish action w/ Sarah Blake, Face Slapping, anal and vaginal fisting with Nicole and Peter, Bondage w/ Kimberly Cline, and submissive floor crawling with Cherry. And we have lots of articles from Kinky women that will be posted every week that you should watch for.

Sorry to lower the tone, but if you have not seen this fetish movie bloopers, it's worth a look.

Coming to this post rather belatedly... Obviously I'm not in the target audience for this site, but it is hugely encouraging to see people who stand up to challenge the prevailing myth that women who take part in porn are in some way 'victims'. And there's a nice humour in lines such as "changing the world one climax at a time".

My only slight concern is that the site's list of "values" misses out "making money for the owner". Not at all a bad thing - far from it - but I think it would be better had they included something specifically referencing its commercial nature before soliciting material from readers (as it does in the final point, asking them to take up their cameras). I have no idea whether such user-submitted content would form part of the commercial side of the site, or be made freely available, or whether the site is actually paying for such content. But as it stands, it feels slightly wrong / misleading - "come join our happy community", hiding the commercial motive. Not, I'm sure, the intent of the site's owner to mislead, but it could and perhaps should be clearer.

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