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Posted at 21:19 on 1 Oct 2011 by Pandora / Blake

The bad: Ten days ago, Tom and I found ourselves suddenly, but not entirely unexpectedly, in the position of needing to move house within the week. We'd known this might be coming as his job security had been uncertain for some time, but the timing, when it happened, was very sudden. We dropped everything to spend five days packing our lives into boxes and arranging the necessaries to be mobile for a while.

I'm not currently earning, since I'm working fulltime on preparations for the launch of my site. And Tom needs a few weeks off to recover from the stresses of the last year before moving onto the next stage. So we're both presuming on the generosity of friends for a while, and our collective stuff is packed into a storage container until we sort out something more permanent.

The good: D has generously allowed me to move in with him for the time being - a step we hadn't thought to take before, but since he's working with me behind the scenes on the technical side of the site launch, the timing makes sense. And there are other benefits, too. One hardworking boy without any other current romantic entanglements + one horny wench + both our toyboxes and my entire collection of high heels = enough kinky sex to satisfy even us, at least once we recovered from the exhaustion of the move. We aren't sick of each other's company yet, either, which is an entirely pleasant surprise. I'll let you know how it goes, but so far it augurs well.

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Weekend hyperkinks #5

Posted at 19:58 on 2 Oct 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Since I started doing these hyperkinks posts - weekend roundups of the interesting links that I've recently posted on Twitter, for the benefit of those who don't use the site, or at least aren't permanently glued to their feeds - it's been cool to see the fluctuations in the sort of thing I repost. Some weeks it's all sex positive feminism, sex worker rights, female gaze porn. Other weeks it's all writing about kink.

This edition of Hyperkinks is, apparently all about the porn. Specifically, it's mostly about caning. I'm struggling to fit it into my usual "kink, porn and politics" categories - but I trust that won't put you off.

This first section defies categorisation - a mishmash of female gaze, relationships, sex and gender politics.

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Tags: cane, Dallas Spanks Hard, dominance and submission, Elegance Studios, Female gaze, Gender politics, Girls Boarding School, hyperkinks, Kami Robertson, kink, Kitty Stryker, Lupus Spanking, Nimue Allen, other photos, Politics, Sex worker rights, strap


Desert island kink

Posted at 20:19 on 5 Oct 2011 by Pandora / Blake

My fellow blogger PrefectDT used to host a recurring feature on his blog before he moved to Wordpress: "Kinky Island Discs". Based on the classic BBC Radio 4 show Desert Island Discs, he asked well-known scene personas to name the five kinky DVDs, vanilla DVD, music track, book and implement they would take with them on a desert island.

I've known what my answer to that last question would be for some time.


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A bona-fide procrastination cure

Posted at 21:03 on 10 Oct 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Northern Spanking have just released an unusual new film called The Travelling Disciplinarian and the Novelist. This film is remarkable in a number of ways.

  • It stars the now-retired Niki Flynn in footage that has never been released before. Ms Flynn also co-wrote the scenario.
  • Adding to the "spankee gaze" credentials of this scene, the other writer was Amelia Jane Rutherford, who also produced and directed it for Spoilt Ladies Spanked, a project which never went live. After this shoot, Amelia decided she wasn't suited to having executive responsibility of a spanking site and far preferred to work for other people.
  • In a testament to how very lovely Amelia is, she donated the footage to Northern Spanking after their troubles a couple of years ago when they were maliciously "outed" by a local paper and Paul lost his job as a result. So we get to see it anyway, and Northern Spanking got some awesome extra films to help relieve the pressure in their time of need. How brilliant is that? You can read Paul's comments about this geneous gesture here, and I think it speaks volumes about the supportive and open-hearted example Paul and Lucy themselves have set.
  • The Spoilt Ladies Spanked project seems to have very much been a reaction against the schoolgirl-tastic state of the spanking film scene, and an attempt to add a bit of diversity, sophistication and elegance. I was really looking forward to seeing the fruits of this endeavour, and The Travelling Disciplinarian and the Novelist does not disappoint.

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Tags: Amelia Jane Rutherford, cane, consent, Elegance Studios, Hwyel Phillips, Niki Flynn, Northern Spanking, Performers and producers, reviews, Sites and studios


Caught reading

Posted at 16:35 on 14 Oct 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Pandora Blake caned by Thomas Cameron at DreamsofSpanking.com     Pandora Blake caned by Thomas Cameron at DreamsofSpanking.com

Today's the last day of my self-imposed deadline for editing the films and photosets I want to launch with. I've made good progress the last couple of weeks, although not quite as much as I'd have liked, as I had to spend one day doing some owed work for a vanilla client, another earning money, and on Wednesday I managed to sprain my ankle during a stumble coming down steps in the train station, which meant no more editing on Wednesday. But I've picked things up the last couple of days, and have been photo-editing at a rate of knots... with the result that I've finished two new galleries in as many days. Woohoo!

Both these two photosets, and most of the others remaining to be edited, date way back to 2006 when I first started filming scenes for my own purposes with Tom and D, before the Dreams of Spanking concept was even firmed up in my mind. All I knew at that point was that I wanted to create my own professional-quality spanking material with my own partners.

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Tags: cane, Dreams of Spanking, featured photos, Performers and producers, Photos, school uniform, Thomas Cameron


Why opt-in filters for "adult content" are misguided and dangerous

Posted at 22:16 on 17 Oct 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Last week, the government unveiled a deal with four of the UK's biggest internet service providers - BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin, collectively comprising about 90% of the market - which will oblige new subscribers to "opt in" if they want to view web content which has been categorised as sexually explicit.

I wrote about this in December last year when the Tory proposals were first publicised. This is part of a large-scale campaign against the so-called "sexualisation of children" which include such regressive proposals as Nadine Dorries' sexist plans for abstinence-based sexual education for teenage girls, and which collectively poses a significant threat to fans of sexual freedom, civil liberties and digital rights.

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Tags: Anna Span, Brooke Magnanti, civil liberties, in the news, Kink activism, Politics, rant, Violet Blue


Fiction and non-fiction

Posted at 17:35 on 18 Oct 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Click to view BBC footage of a boy's school cross country run from 1948

I dreamed the other night about reading an autobiography of some (fictional) well-known man. My dream, of course, focussed on his school experience. The most memorable part was his recollection of cross-country PE. Long runs through beautiful green English countryside in horrible grey English weather. Icy wind and stinging rain that raised goose-pimples on your bare legs below your scratchy white shorts. And a sadistic PE master who would wait for you at a turning point, cane in hand - ostensibly to prevent the boys from getting lost, but missing no opportunity to slash at you across your damp, chafing shorts to encourage you along.

Because this was a dream, the same PE master could be waiting at every crossroads, snug in his warm blazer, applying a cane stroke to the seat of a struggling boy every few minutes during a 3 mile cross-country run.

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Tags: cane, Fantasies, M-M, other pictures, school uniform, Vintage


Four's company

Posted at 21:29 on 21 Oct 2011 by Pandora / Blake

A little while ago I got a message from Jacq. She said: "Did I tell you the realisation I had recently? I don't think I'm actually enjoying the being hit itself more than I used to, I think the thing that does it for me is the marks. I'm not certain that's what it is, but there is a reason I'm enjoying it more and I'm always sad when the marks fade, so..."

My first, irrational, reaction was dismay. She didn't enjoy the spankings themselves? I'm a feedback junkie: my pleasure as a sadist is directly fuelled by the enjoyment of my bottom. If Jacq wasn't into spankings per se, the idea of spanking her lost a lot of its thrill.

Then I read what she'd actually said: not that she didn't like being spanked, just that she didn't like the spanking itself more than she used to. I knew already that spanking wasn't her primary kink in the same way it is mine, but that it was a kink and she loved the power exchange. A third re-reading and it sunk in that - hey! She was enjoying it more than she used to! That's kind of awesome. So, right, clearly the thing to do was ensure that we gave her marks to remember next time we played.

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Tags: big black stick, cane, D, featured photos, Jacq, kink, otk spanking, paddle, Penny D, Photos, polyamory, switching, Thomas Cameron


Perth and Ten

Posted at 22:04 on 22 Oct 2011 by Pandora / Blake

I'm currently perving over Ten Amorette's latest shoot for Punished Brats, in which she appears for the first time with her real-life boyfriend and Daddy, the youthful and well-muscled Perth.

Click on this image to watch a preview clip.

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Tags: otk spanking, Performers and producers, Perth, Punished Brats, Ten Amorette, Videos


Reader's photos

Posted at 22:09 on 24 Oct 2011 by Pandora / Blake

How are you? The start of this week sees me neck-deep in code for Dreams of Spanking, which is progressing slowly but surely (although less surely than it would be if I wasn't also contending with moving-house admin, social organising, overdue tax forms and other tedious miscellany obstinately getting in the way of the work I SHOULD be doing). Still, the site build will get done, and hopefully I'll have a clear run at it at least one of the days this week before I go and visit Tom in his new crashpad this weekend.

In the meantime, I thought I'd share with you some photos readers and correspondents have sent me lately.

This one is a rare glimpse into the exclusive world of the Geneva Ladies College, sent to me by its Headmaster, Mr Woodrow Anders. Looking at it I can feel my palms become clammy in sympathy:

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Tags: cane, kink, other pictures, readers photos, school uniform


Ping pong paddling

Posted at 23:21 on 28 Oct 2011 by Pandora / Blake

There's been a photoset going up on Northern Spanking over the last few weeks which I first blogged about a month ago. It's called 'Pandora and the Tutor', and is of interest not only for its evocative Blushes-era atmosphere, but because when the first update came out I was astonished - for the first time ever, I had apparently genuinely forgotten about a scene. I had no memory of shooting those pictures at all.

The thing is that I hadn't forgotten shooting all of it. I'd only forgotten the first half, upstairs, in which the tutor scolds me, spanks me over his knee, and forces me to adopt undignifying positions over a chair for further punishment. This isn't an ordinary detention - it's prolonged, horrible, a Friday night when everyone else has gone home, alone with this awful old man* with no way of knowing how far it's going to go, and no way to stop him.

*Michael Stamp is brilliant really, and not actually very old, despite the receding hairline.

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Tags: featured photos, Michael Stamp, Northern Spanking, Photos, ping pong bat, school uniform


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