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Posted at 16:35 on 14 Oct 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: cane, Dreams of Spanking, featured photos, Performers and producers, Photos, school uniform, Thomas Cameron

Pandora Blake caned by Thomas Cameron at DreamsofSpanking.com     Pandora Blake caned by Thomas Cameron at DreamsofSpanking.com

Today's the last day of my self-imposed deadline for editing the films and photosets I want to launch with. I've made good progress the last couple of weeks, although not quite as much as I'd have liked, as I had to spend one day doing some owed work for a vanilla client, another earning money, and on Wednesday I managed to sprain my ankle during a stumble coming down steps in the train station, which meant no more editing on Wednesday. But I've picked things up the last couple of days, and have been photo-editing at a rate of knots... with the result that I've finished two new galleries in as many days. Woohoo!

Both these two photosets, and most of the others remaining to be edited, date way back to 2006 when I first started filming scenes for my own purposes with Tom and D, before the Dreams of Spanking concept was even firmed up in my mind. All I knew at that point was that I wanted to create my own professional-quality spanking material with my own partners.

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Please be careful going down steps and glad you are ok....All work and no play is bad ...........Stress release, you need,,,,,,,,

Be Safe,

Hi Bryan, thanks for the good wishes. It seems to be healing although not as quickly as I'd like! There's no shortage of spanking in my life at the moment though which definitely helps with the stress relief :)

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