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Perth and Ten

Posted at 23:04 on 22 Oct 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: otk spanking, Performers and producers, Perth, Punished Brats, Ten Amorette, Videos

I'm currently perving over Ten Amorette's latest shoot for Punished Brats, in which she appears for the first time with her real-life boyfriend and Daddy, the youthful and well-muscled Perth.

Click on this image to watch a preview clip.

The scenario - she's overspent on their joint credit card - I can take or leave. What I like is knowing I'm watching a real couple; seeing the intimacy and trust between them, the affection with which he looks at her and the delighted familiarity with which they dive into their roles. I like knowing that when he spanks her that hard and fast it's because they've played so much together and they play so well together that he can take her places other people can't.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that she's drop-dead gorgeous, with a bottom to die for. And 35 year old Perth not only has a handsome face with piercing blue eyes, but oh my god, look at those arms.

Ten is lovely to look at. I've had many an ogle at her shoots for SexandSubmission, her fetish modelling photos on Fetlife. But most /F spanking scenes feature a goodlooking girl. M/F scenes where the spanker presses my buttons as well are somewhat rarer.

I have a real thing for strong, nicely defined arms. I'm not big on mammoth bulging bodybuilders with veins rippling everywhere, but I like solid biceps I can wrap my hands around. I like feeling the hardness under the skin, the potential for force. And I like chunky forearms that suggest a strong grip, forearms that could pin me firmly across a lap.

But when I watch this scene, I'm not really imagining being in Ten's place. My appreciation is pure voyeur: I'd much rather enjoy the connection between the two of them than pretend Perth was spanking me instead.

All pictures courtesy of Punished Brats.


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