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Ping pong paddling

Posted at 23:21 on 28 Oct 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: featured photos, Michael Stamp, Northern Spanking, Photos, ping pong bat, school uniform

There's been a photoset going up on Northern Spanking over the last few weeks which I first blogged about a month ago. It's called 'Pandora and the Tutor', and is of interest not only for its evocative Blushes-era atmosphere, but because when the first update came out I was astonished - for the first time ever, I had apparently genuinely forgotten about a scene. I had no memory of shooting those pictures at all.

The thing is that I hadn't forgotten shooting all of it. I'd only forgotten the first half, upstairs, in which the tutor scolds me, spanks me over his knee, and forces me to adopt undignifying positions over a chair for further punishment. This isn't an ordinary detention - it's prolonged, horrible, a Friday night when everyone else has gone home, alone with this awful old man* with no way of knowing how far it's going to go, and no way to stop him.

*Michael Stamp is brilliant really, and not actually very old, despite the receding hairline.

Dissatisfied with my humiliation over the chair, the tutor decides that further methods are necessary. I am handed a PE kit and sent down the echoing stairs to the basement, where I'm to get changed and await him.

It's gloomy and dusty in the basement. There's a few odds and ends down here - a games table, some gym equipment - but it doesn't see much use. Goosepimples prickle my arms as I get changed. The PE kit isn't much of one, really: gym knickers and a vest. That's it. It's so cold I can't bear to go barefoot, so I keep my school shoes and socks on and hope I won't get into more trouble for it. I huddle by the only radiator while I wait, shivering, for the sound of footsteps on the stair.

I remember shooting the next part.

Altogether, it was a deliciously unpleasant, non-consensual, abusive sort of school scene, exactly the sort of fantasy to get me all hot and bothered inside my gym knickers. I got to wallow in victimhood and feel thoroughly sorry for myself, especially when the tutor put me into the diaper position on the ping pong table.

How unimaginably awful! I didn't know where to look: I certainly couldn't look at him. Thank god he didn't make me take my knickers off first. But the ping pong paddle hurt much, much worse when my bottom was all exposed like that, with the skin stretched tight and him deliberately aiming the whacks above the knickers, right on the most vulnerable part of my thighs.

Oh, I loved it really. Love love loved it.

Yes - of course I remembered that ping pong spanking. It was so exciting that it apparently eclipsed the whole previous section of the scene entirely from my memory.


Love the pictures, and the very distressed look you have kneeling on the table. :-) But if you can't remember the punishment it's obvious you didn't learn your lesson. Maybe you should go back for a second helping?

I remember this part of the punishment! That was my point - THIS part stuck in my memory just fine, it was just the bit upstairs in the tutor's study that had been eclipsed by all the excitement of the ping pong bat :)

Yeowch... As if sports lessons weren't already torture enough!

I'm pleased you like the photos! This scene was a lot of fun to shoot, I got really into the character :)

I was not put on a ping pong table (!) - but; I (along with the Majority of boys) - did get the "boybeater" (a bat) - in sports class. Nothing underneath our shorts. Sometimes on a cold day. The teacher didnt remember me (much later) - at a reunion! Chris x

Yeowch... As if sports lessons weren't already torture enough!

I'm pleased you like the photos! This scene was a lot of fun to shoot, I got really into the character :)


You look scared but your look in the basement is pricelist........The picture, of you on the ping-pong table,on your back and legs up,is out of this world. The expression on your face is outstanding......:)


I'm pleased you like the photos! This scene was a lot of fun to shoot, I got really into the character :)

The only ping pong paddling I have ever received ended in much laughter! The sound of the paddle was great but it didn't hurt a bit, and Ludwig and I finally cracked up laughing.

I'm not sure why, but I like the second picture from the bottom the most. The lights in this picture and the curve of your body as you are lying on the ping pong table are absolutely beautiful! Especially your collarbone and your décolleté are real eye-catchers!

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