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Weekend hyperkinks #5

Posted at 19:58 on 2 Oct 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: cane, Dallas Spanks Hard, dominance and submission, Elegance Studios, Female gaze, Gender politics, Girls Boarding School, hyperkinks, Kami Robertson, kink, Kitty Stryker, Lupus Spanking, Nimue Allen, other photos, Politics, Sex worker rights, strap

Since I started doing these hyperkinks posts - weekend roundups of the interesting links that I've recently posted on Twitter, for the benefit of those who don't use the site, or at least aren't permanently glued to their feeds - it's been cool to see the fluctuations in the sort of thing I repost. Some weeks it's all sex positive feminism, sex worker rights, female gaze porn. Other weeks it's all writing about kink.

This edition of Hyperkinks is, apparently all about the porn. Specifically, it's mostly about caning. I'm struggling to fit it into my usual "kink, porn and politics" categories - but I trust that won't put you off.

This first section defies categorisation - a mishmash of female gaze, relationships, sex and gender politics.

  • Men of the Stacks: a nudie calendar "representing the professional and personal interests of male librarians".
  • Lucy McLean linked me at this surprising, but awesome link to nylon tights designed especially for men by Hosiery legend GERBE - a step forward for cross-dressers, genderbenders and fashion conscious chaps.
  • Mistress Matisse asks whether straight men who try to be sex objects are ridiculous - a thought-provoking analysis of how both men and women perpetuate this particular piece of sexism.
  • In the UK? Don't miss the Sex Workers Open University, Oct 12-16, with workshops, performances, and community, urges Kitty Stryker.
  • May May has a draft article on polyamory and social networks which is worth a read. "The most obvious limitation with the often-monogamous notion of true love is that it creates a scarcity model."
  • I was amused both by the name of the The Asylum Street Spankers and their song Stick Magnetic Ribbons on Your SUV. Who said kink and politics don't mix?
  • This one is definitely porn rather than politics, but it's not spanking either, so here it goes. The trailer for Elegance Studios' new horror bondage flick Haunted looks beautiful, incredibly well made, and makes me wish damsels-in-distress was more my kink.
  • Every kinkster or chronic pain sufferer should go and look at Hyperbole and a Half's awesome and hilarious CHART OF PAIN.

Spanking non-fiction

  • I love Rayne's Countdown Caning concept in this post. Rising fear, speed and adrenaline! Definitely one to try.
  • Ten Amorette problematises the idea of "vanilla" in her excellent post What's your flavor?
  • Minx Girls' "how to" guide to spanking is well worth a read - I'd recommend it as a link to give to newbie spankers - with a focus on warm ups and implements.
  • Moving writing on self-pleasure and sexual power by new kink blogger Motley Wanderer: Healing with Masturbation. "In submission I give power to a Dom (real or imaginary!), but I then receive my own sexual power back tenfold."
  • Intense, scary yet affirming report of a cold school caning scene by Kami Robertson.

Spanking fiction

  • A Barn Burner is a first attempt at M/M spanking fiction from a straight male writer. This one is close to my heart, as it was my own writing about the invisibility of M/M as a genre that inspired him to try his hand. It's also an emotion-laden Vietnam war era father/son domestic discipline scene centred around a heart-thumpingly severe strapping. All good with me.
  • A squirmy hot dormitory/cellblock punishment image from Lupus Spanking. The position looks horrible, horrible; but I love the implication that the row of beds (and inmates awaiting punishment) is endless, extending to either side of the frame for miles and miles...
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer getting a searingly hard hairbrush spanking from a furious Faith: one sizzling panel in the ongoing comic Slayer's Revenge.
  • In need of some sexual relief the other day, I turned to this free judicial punishment clip from the Spanking Court. I know from reading Erika Scott's report of shooting with them that these guys treat their performers well, which makes the severity of the scenes all the more appealing.
  • Actually I don't know if this photo counts as fiction or non-fiction, so take your best guess. Either way, what stands out for me is the relaxed smile on her face as the cane's about to fall...

Pretty cane marks (Yep. An entire section devoted to pretty cane marks. What?)

  • Pretty purple welts from Dallas Spanks Hard
  • Nimue Allen shows off vivid lines immediately after a judicial punishment: 24 strokes of the cane, hard, from cold
  • Whippy red stingers from GBS
  • And finally, the aesthetically appealing bruises I sported the day after earning my Caning Merit Badge:


I'm honoured! Thank you ever so much for the link. :-)

I love that you call them "Hyperkinks" now. :-)

Whut? It's always been hyperkinks.


Huh. I thought you used to call them "hyperlinks", and then changed it when I made that joke.

Or maybe that was a bizarre dream I had. Oh well.

Thank you for the mention and the kind words on "Barn Burner". My ego likes this stroking :-) I'm still finding my voice I think, but getting closer.

And kudos on posting the cane marks pics. I've really been in the mood to see severity lately. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Huh. I thought you used to call them "hyperlinks", and then changed it when I made that joke.

Or maybe that was a bizarre dream I had. Oh well.

[...] haven’t done a hyperkinks post in months – but don’t worry, I’m not going to attempt a complete catch up. Just a brief [...]

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