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How to make me squeak

Posted at 00:39 on 17 Nov 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Blogging, making a scene

Ways to make me squeak:

1. Hit me with a wooden ruler. Preferably low, on the sit spot, when I'm not expecting it.

2. Put me at #37 in a prestigious list of 100 sex bloggers.


I'm absolutely thrilled to be named among such fabulous company as fellow kinksters, queer and feminist legends, well known writers, community organisers, friends and familiar faces such as:

Browsing the list to see how many names I recognised also gave me the chance to check out some new (to me) sex bloggers. Such as David in Vegas, who writes about D/S from a top's perspective. Check out this astonishing 98-word short fiction piece, Red:

Like so many times before, she sat intent on his voice, Ten. All tangled up in herself, legs clenched, Nine. Breasts squeezed tightly, wrapped in the deepness of his voice, Eight. Her stomach in a knot, cramping, Seven. Growling, tossing the headphones aside, still hearing his commands, Six. His voice taunting her, hyper-attuned, each breath twisting her arousal tighter, Five. Fire burning, hot, damp, nipples throbbing, aching, Four.

Yanking the headphone jack out, still hearing, Three. Her fingers plugging her ears, shaking her head, Two. Her legs twisted, burning thighs, suddenly in pained delight, ready, One. Then, Now!!

You can read the full list of the top sex bloggers of 2011 and discover your own new favourites here.


Thanks all! I am dead chuffed. :)

Congratulations on making the list, Pandora. Though why you wouldn't have placed higher than 37th will forever remain a mystery!

Congratulations Pandora! You deserve being in that list, no doubt.

Congratulations, Pandora! That's a huge honor and well-deserved.



Congratulations on your pick of the Sex Blogger List.....:)Should have been higher.....You Kinkie lady You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Be Safe,

Wow! Congratulations. I am certainly not surprised by this :-)

Best Regards,

Well done. A highly deserved listing. The quality of writing on this blog should be recognized.


Congrats! You are completely super and most deserving of all the accolades that come your way.

Keep on rockin,

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