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Love Our Lurkers VI

Posted at 17:47 on 10 Nov 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Blogging, Love Our Lurkers day, making a scene

Happy Love Our Lurkers day! Once a year, spanking bloggers across the world unite in welcoming those who read our blogs, but don't tend to join in the conversation in the comments.

We know you're out there. We can tell from our hits that you're there, you're interested, you keep coming back. We also know that you vastly outnumber those people who leave comments and tell us a little about themselves. And that's okay. Commenting isn't compulsory, and it can be really hard to know what to say. Especially when you're reading a sex or spanking blog, with their often very intimate contents. Leaving a comment, sometimes, can feel intimidatingly personal as well. Even leaving a comment on a spanking blog can feel like standing up and publically telling the world what you find hot ... and for some people, what's private is best kept that way.

Well, we understand. Many of us started out as lurkers too - reading, fascinated, a bit envious of those who chatted so freely with writers we admired, but lacking the confidence to start typing and join in the conversation.

What you realise as soon as you take the plunge is that every blogger loves comments. We depends on our commenters. Without them, any blogger will eventually stop writing and give up. Comments are the feedback we get that proves we aren't just talking to ourselves; that makes the time we spend on blogging feel worthwhile. The people chattering away in the comments can seem like an exclusive sort of clique of people who all know each other - but actually, for the most part, we all met online, and we wouldn't have done so if we hadn't left that first comment. It's a club which anyone can join. The only criterion for membership is saying hello.

So this is my invitation. I know you're there. I love that you're there: your interest in what I have to say is what keeps me going. And as a result, I'm interested in you. If you've never left a comment before, please, today is the time to do so. It's easy. You don't have to try to be clever or interesting or sexy. Just tell me you're here, tell me how you are if you like, what you dreamed last night, what you have planned for the evening. Just by saying hello, you'll be interesting to me.

PS. I also have a delurk invitation on my Dreams of Spanking blog - including an offer of a free high resolution spanking photograph from a never-before-seen set if I get at least dozen comments. We're halfway there already - please, if you'd like to join in, please do pop over and say hello there as well! I'm open to suggestions about what sort of image you'd like to see, but you only get a vote if you speak up :)


Hi! I've also been reading you blog for a while now, and not only is it incredibly hot, but some of your posts have made me think about issues in a completely different way. I also agree with Will that LOL Day is a fantastic idea!

Hi, Pandora.

I love lurking on your blog, you always have such wonderful posts. Thanks for sharing!



Lurking....I always try and read all your blogs. I enjoy your style of writing ...It's a fun read...I also like to say what I want to say on your blogs....Keep up the good work because I like to read your adventures in life....

Thank you,

Pandora, I am a LONG time fan of yours. It's a bit of a crush, really, so that might be why I lurk more than I comment.

Happy LOL Day!


Hi Pandora,

I'm a regular visitor to your blog, and always enjoy your posts. Thanks for being a part of LOL 6.


I delurked last year, and here I am again :)

I love your writing, which is inspirational. Maybe I'll run into you clubbing one day

Pandora, I think I already commented on Love Our Lurkers day last year, but again a short note to tell how much I still enjoy your blog!

I wish I had more time to leave meaningful comments on more of your posts. Happy LOL day.


Hi Pandora.
I've been a lurker for a few years now, I know it sounds corny but I can't put it any better than others have said before, yours is one of the consistantly better spanking blogs around! Please, keep up the good work.

Very best regards,

Dear Pandora,

I already said hello today at Dreams Of Spanking, but I still wanted to use the chance to tell you how much I always enjoy reading this blog! It's definitely one of my favourites, and I love your thought-provoking posts as much as your play and shoot accounts.

Although we are quite different in several aspects of our lifestyle, many of your thoughts resonate very much with me, and you often give me the feeling to have found a like-minded spirit. Thank you! :-)

Hi Pandora

I'm a serial lurker! I find your blog iluminating and thought provoking. I sometimes struggle with my kinks, and feel guilty about what I enjoy. Reading how you have embraced who you are without compromising your ethics is a real comfort and inspiration to me.

So thank you.

Happy LOL Day, Pandora. It's been a while since I last had the time to comment, so I am using the occasion to pop in again and say hi. With a short comment for once.

Yours is, by some margin, the best, most consistently interesting blog written by a spanking model (and now producer). Even before I got to know you in person, it was among my favourites, and after having met you it only got more dear to me. Keep up the great work.

I think I've commented here once or twice in the past, but not for a long time, so am also using the excuse of LOL Day to drop by and say hello!!

Although I rarely comment, I do always try to take the time to read your blog, as it feels like we are both at the same point of trying to live our dreams of starting websites. I identify with a lot of what you write, but there is also a lot of what you write which gets me thinking - looking at things in a new way and wondering if I could incorporate them into my life. A lot of these things I really hope to get the chance to chat about with you face to face soon!!

Take care and keep at it - am looking forward to seeing your site!

Lurk here a lot, rarely leave a comment.
Until now!
Happy LOL day.

Hi Pandora,

though I visit your blog every week, I rarely find the time to leave a comment!

This is one of the best blogs of the spankosphere for sure!


Hi Pandora,

Still lurking here, and looking forward to the full launch of Dreams of Spanking.

Thought it was about time I de-lurked (after far too long I reckon) and thanked you for writing such an interesting and thought provoking blog, they're not amazingly easy to come across and yours fits the bill perfectly :)

Hi Pandora,
I'm still lurking. I said hello last year but still haven't got the spanking I sometimes desire but have been enjoying your thought-provoking posts as much as the just plain sexy ones. You definitely take spanking to another level and I look forward to enjoying DOS too.
Many thanks

Hi Pandora,in replying are we now officially delurked :).

Happy LOL Day! We've been reading and following along since your blog was brand spanking news. Great job and thank you.

~Todd and Suzy

Hello Pandora,

This "Love Our Lurkers" day is a generous, friendly, inclusive sort of idea, the sort of thing that gives the internet a good name, and I gratefully applaud you and all the bloggers who do it. Having emerged from the shadows where lurkers lurk, I'll now scurry back into them, with a resolution to be a bit less of a lax loafer in future. Thanks for your fascinating, comforting, intelligent, sexy website. Looking forward to Dreams of Spanking. Is any of your work likely to be available on dvd in the near future?



Salute Caning? Back a few decades ago, Royal Navy canings were so severe that you would just about manage to hold on to the side of the Chief’s desk, while you were bent over it. That is, if he allowed you to bend over it.
By the way, why are you saluting with hands forward? That’s Army and RAF. The Royal Navy always salute with palm of the hand turned inward. (To avoid presenting a tarred hand – from the tar on the ropes of the rigging - to the King. English tradition ) Wrong saluting would earn you a caning in itself. You have absolutely no idea what Wrens went through during their basic training, back in those days.
Or maybe you have???

Pandora your blog is awesome. I enjoy reading it. Thank you very much for doing so. What I do tonight you wanted to know? Guess what, I'm going to a spanking party...

[...] Spanked, Not Silenced [...]

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