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Nimue's World is live!

Posted at 20:47 on 21 Nov 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: BDSM, Body positivity, bondage, dominance and submission, Fairtrade porn, Female gaze, making a scene, Nimue Allen, Nimues World, other pictures, otk spanking, Performers and producers, Photos, Sites and studios

I woke up to a fantastic piece of news on Friday, which will bring delight to anyone who has similar taste in porn to me. Nimue's own kinky paysite, Nimue's World, is now live and open to members.

You may have seen Nimue getting spanked on Northern Spanking, English Spankers and Spanking Sarah, and her performance work also includes extreme BDSM and bondage, camming and getting naked in public. She brings all her interests together in Nimue's World, a groundbreaking website which not only bridges the genres of spanking, BDSM, bondage and queer sex, but is one of the very few UK porn sites singlehandedly produced and directed by a female spankee.

Nimue's World features Nimue being both submissive and dominant in a variety of kinky situations; explicit lesbian scenes; extreme bondage and hardcore BDSM; creative scenarios with willing performers; a range of body types; genuine dominance and submission between her and her real life Daddy/Owner (known on the site as "The Boss").

The site is artistically designed, and already includes twenty scenarios with both photo galleries and videos, and promises two updates a week. There's a tantalising F/F BDSM scene showing Nimue domming Adele Haze, and future updates will include the spanking and BDSM scenes Nimue and I shot together. In addition, the member's area offers access to Nimue's private video blog, a forum, model interviews and exclusive monthly cam shows where members can direct the action.

If you want to see more spanking porn made by women and by spankees, more porn which breaks out of the conventional boxes and spans genres to fully represent the desires of the primary performer, more real D/S and real kinky relationships captured on camera, and more independent sites prepared to take creative risks, you should show Nimue your support and enter her world.



I will checkout Nimue World....Thank you for sharing this link.......

Be Safe,

The both of you look great.Love your facial expression Pandora..Who got the red bottom???? Or Both??????
:) :)

A naughty lady wearing garter-belt and stockings, being spanked, on her bare bottom, is pure joy to see.

Hello , I am a follower of your blog from the beginning . I love it .
I'am searching for blogroll links exchange with your blog.
Please, visit my blog at www.eroticoeprofano.blogspot.com and tell me if u are interested.
I already added your link to my list!
Can you add me to yours?

Hi, thanks for the sweet comments and the link. I don't do "link exchanges" - the blogs I link are the ones I like reading, and that's it. If I like your blog I'll link it but pestering me to link you won't endear you to me, I'm afraid.

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