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The accountant strikes back

Posted at 14:58 on 22 Nov 2011 by Pandora / Blake

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Kaelah has written an in-depth shoot report about filming for my soon-to-launch site Dreams of Spanking earlier this year. She gives the behind-the-scenes scoop on our F/F scene 'The Taxman Cometh', in which she plays my long-suffering accountant who despairs of my poor organisation, and eventually takes me over the knee for a hairbrush spanking.

This video is loosely based on a true story. I'm not organised enough to keep accounts throughout the year and tend to compile everything for my tax return at year's end. The second year I had to submit a return, I left it far too late and discovered, to my horror, that I couldn't find my paper copies of several months' bank statements. It was too late to order replacements, and my online banking records didn't go back that far.

In reality, my accountant wasn't someone I knew well, but simply a stranger who worked for the agency I'd hired. I didn't confess the problem to them, and instead put together figures based on my invoices and emails for those months. But it caused me a lot of stress - and if they had been a friend and I'd put them in that position, they might well have decided I needed a spanking.

The following year I tried to be a bit more organised, but I still required some prompting in order to start working on my return in a timely fashion.

I'm still not as organised as I should be, although I'm getting better at starting a little earlier each year. This video is a reminder to me of the consequences of leaving it to the last minute ... and a punishment I felt like I well and truly deserved.

View more images, behind the scenes details and a free clip from The Taxman Cometh »


I have to admit I wasn't aware that the scene was completely based on a real-life incident! I assumed that there might be a real background to the story (that your tax documents might indeed be a bit chaotic), but I didn't know that the missing receipts and everything was true as well. 2011 is almost over. I hope you have collected all your receipts this time! To quote Arnie: If not, I'll be back! ;-)


Knowning you, I bet you will never have your tax papers ready for you private tax lady....You can take a hairbrush spanking lady..Beautiful Bottom..You do know how to kickup your legs!!!!!!!!:) :)Thank you for sharing your life........:)

Be safe,

Very nice preview. I don't have to say I'm looking forward to the launch of the site, me saying this gets a little boring ;) In this particular case, I'm looking forward to seeing Kaelah to top.

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