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The Girl Next Door

Posted at 20:36 on 23 Nov 2011 by Pandora / Blake

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I love the previews from the new Lupus Spanking film, 'The Girl Next Door'. The trailer shows that it includes the excellent cinematography, richly developed settings, intricate plots, edgy punishments and surreal humour for which Lupus are renowned.

The scene that most caught my eye is the one in the shop, where a cane being considered for purchased is tested on a hapless daughter right there and then - with the shopkeeper looking on, and even assisting as the girl starts to struggle too wildly. I love these images not only for the deliciously arbitrary, unfair, publically humiliating scenario, but also for the lavish costumes and attention to detail.


Pandora said " I would much prefer a scenario which is unfair, undeserved, in which the victim is a hero, than one which is just." Wow! That's another eye-opener for me. I knew that you appreciated unfair scenarios, but it never occurred to me why. Now reading your explanation I agree with you 100% Even though as a sadist-spanko I appreciate the severe pain, realizing what's most erotic and engaging for me is the sympathy I feel for the punished woman. If she's a heroine, then I can relate to her even more than if she were a villain. Thank you yet again, Pandora!

I also love the severity and pace of the canings and strappings in this preview. They're slow, but not too slow, and deliberate. They're severe enough to make the spankees give that throaty "ow" moan that I love, but not so severe that the punishments are short. They seem like they go on and on - highly erotic. I may have to buy one.

Best Regards,

I was very surprised and happy to read that Lupus had made a new film in their old style! After having taken a look at their websites, though, I have come to understand that “The Girl Next Door” might be new on their Lupus Spanking site, but was actually filmed and released as a Lupus Pictures film in 2007. One of the tops is the now retired Pavel Stastny.

I'm not a fan of unfair punishments and humiliation, and I'm not always attracted by the Lupus-style humour, but I love their care for detail, their inventive storylines, unexpected twists and excellent cinematography. And more often than not the bottoms are actually the heroines in the plot (the three victims in “The Girl Next Door” for example are even called heroines in the plot description given by Lupus Pictures), something I find very attractive.

Absolutely with you on the things you like about Lupus - especially the last point. Narrative sympathy is such a subtle thing but it can make all the difference. The emotional gap between horrible things occurring to someone who deserves it, and to someone who doesn't. I love that the Lupus victims are so often characters you can identify and sympathise with rather than 2-dimensional "brats" ... and I love the way that their suffering is so often shown as if it ennobled them, and makes them seem more virtuous. It's absolutely the right mood for that kind of severe punishment. With very hard CP I would much prefer a scenario which is unfair, undeserved, in which the victim is a hero, than one which is just.

Pandora it can be very strong stuff there not to every spankos taste ,best spanks,Tim.

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