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Zille spanks Sasha Monet

Posted at 23:38 on 12 Nov 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: CyberDyke, otk spanking, spanking over slips, Videos, Zille Defeu

I liked this preview video from DarkPlay.net, in which Zille Defeu spanks Sasha Monet. I expect fans of F/F spanking, vintage garters and spanking over slips and petticoats will like it too.

Sasha's got into some serious trouble at the office, and is referred to Zille to see what can be done to avoid nasty legal difficulties. Zille takes the situation well in hand!



Thank you for the preview video....Two great looking ladies and the outfits,beautiful.A very nice and slow spanking...........No hurry....

Be Safe,

Love your fashions too lady!!!!!!!!!!!:)

I loved the outfits in this scene. More spanking over petticoats and slips, please! :)

Beautiful. I love Sasha's pouting there at the end. Yum.


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