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A bright spot

Posted at 01:24 on 6 Dec 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: D, jeans, kink, other pictures, otk spanking, paddle

Well, so far December hasn't improved much on November. My run of shitty luck has continued: a horrendous hangover on Sunday (I might have had a hand in that, I suppose) and today, my computer contracted a Trojan virus. First I knew of it was the AVG notification. Then it said it could only fix one of the identified problems. Next thing I know, my screen's full of popups and Windows is giving me crazy system errors. When I turned it on and off again and ran all the antivirus and spyware checks again, Windows is missing half its shortcuts and explorer can't see any of my data any more.

So that was fun.

When we plugged the discs into D's machine we discovered the data was all still there, my OS had just got fucked beyond the point of being able to read it. So we backed the data up and I spent the next few hours playing the Re-installing Windows Game. So much for my work plans today. I'm still waiting for my data to copy back onto the reformatted discs over the network, a process which will apparently take several hours. It's alright, it's not like I have a crazily tight deadline to launch a new business while people still have spending money, or anything. Ohwait.

Still, it's not been all bad. While waiting for various longwinded computer processes to complete I did a fuckton of housework, which was satisfying. And the day did have one major bright spot.

I was tidying the bedroom up a bit, and finally got round to unpacking the bag from my shoot in Manchester. Stockings, heels, long socks, school uniform, various spanking implements. You know, the usual. D's in there with me, and coming back from putting something in the underwear drawer I'm intercepted: he sits on the corner of the bed, looks up at me and pats the duvet next to his knee.

Who could refuse? Actually I haven't been spanked for a week with this rotten cold and I'm well overdue. I rest my weight on him and ask if he'd like me to take my jeans down. They're corduroy, snug but relatively thick, and I want to feel his hand on my skin. But no: he tells me to leave them in place, reaches behind him and hunts around on the bed where the spanking tools have fallen out of the bag. Ah, I see: so that's what prompted this. I am not complaining.

"This looks pretty hefty," he says, coming back with the long thick brown leather tawse with the rough cut edges. It's a fairly blunt instrument, yes. I wince as he starts to apply it over the jeans, simultaneously convinced it's going to wrap horribly (it's not really designed for over the knee) and curious as to how it'll feel. The strokes land precisely on my right cheek, and pack a pleasing punch. It's rather nice, actually: all the dramatic thud of impact without all of the brutal, burning sting which makes that tawse so unbearable cold.

My wriggling prompts D to go harder. Watching him hitting me that hard in the wall mirror is absolutely delightful, especially since the actual sensation is pitch perfect: hard enough to knock the breath out of me, but not so blindingly painful that I want to jump up and run out of the room. At first it all lands on one side, but when I ask what my right buttock ever did to him, he contrives to restore the balance.

Before too long, however, he swaps the tawse for something easier to aim: an oval, lightweight wooden paddle. Most of the effect of this comes from sting, which is mitigated by the jeans, and so D indulges himself whacking me as hard as he can. I am entirely happy with this. I don't know what I'm enjoying more: the delicious thuddy sensations, feeling at the mercy of his strong right arm (much improved by all the weightlifting he's done this year), or the hot vision in the mirror of him laying into me with that paddle. It's a fantasy come to life.

When the jeans come down, my bottom is glowing pink and both of us are warmed up. The hand spanking he gives me is surprisingly powerful (anyone would think he was enjoying this) and I'm having far too much fun to mind. It hurts, don't get me wrong - my yelps and yells are entirely involuntary - but I love experiencing the effects of his increased strength so directly.

Then his right hand finds the proof of my enjoyment between my legs, and his left hand takes over the spanking ... and the rest of that hour is as heated as you'd expect after a week's abstinence.

So yeah. My computer hates me and I lost another precious day I should have spent working on my website, but today wasn't all bad. That bright spot made everything else much easier to cope with.


OOOOOOOOOO what fun we can have when the computer goes on the blink!!!!!!!!!!!:)

You needed the stress relief.:)

Be Safe,

Yeah, it's amazing how much you can get done when you can't use the computer. I did loads of housework too!

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