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An early Christmas present

Posted at 22:39 on 14 Dec 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: birch, kink, Photos

I was surprised and delighted to receive my first present of the holiday season from a friend earlier this week. My very own, personalised, custom-made...

...birch bundle! How cool is that?

It's sort of in the Manx birch style, with five relatively thick rods (although less thick and long than the judicial Manx birches, I suspect), rather than the spray birch style, which is the only kind I've been properly birched with before. I've had one like this used lightly on me, but I've not sampled the more severe end of its range.

Because I am quite literally a glutton for punishment, I decided to bring it with me as a surprise on my visit to Tom today. He seemed pleased. It's currently soaking in a bucket at the foot of the bed.

I've also brought my video camera with me to record a behind the scenes interview with him tomorrow. By which point the rods will have been soaking overnight, and should be nice and supple. I'm sensing the makings of a Plan...


Ah yes, the ritual soaking element ;) You can have a lot of fun with that. Do you use water or brine? I've heard both advised but haven't experimented with brine yet.

I used regular water, but brine seems interesting to me as well. It's a classic - "rubbing salt into wounds" as they say... Of course, one would have to break the skin in order to make use of that, but that's not beyond the realm of possibility for us...

Well, it definitely performs as advertised ;)


ITYM 'up' it... ;)

A Plan, eh? A plan so cunning you could stick a tail on it and call it a weasel?

The birch rod is also fast becoming my partner Tanya's preferred implement - it has now overtaken the cane in her eyes, and is just behind the 'round leather paddle on a long handle' (we haven't got a real name for that!)
Delighted to hear of more support for the birch rod, an edgy, pagan, but most excellent implement.

They are a lot of fun to use :)

What a cool looking implement :-) I really like birches. I need one too. I had one that I lost somehow last year and I miss it now. I used to relish telling my sub that it was soaking as we started our day. She knew she was in for it all through the day. Fun...

Looking forward to the interview or other video ;-)

Best Regards,

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