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Kink over Christmas

Posted at 23:47 on 30 Dec 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: D, kink, seasonal spankings

Unlike previous years, this Christmas saw me doing the family thing in a big way. I'd been hermitting so much in the run-up to my site launch that I'd barely left the flat. I haven't talked to my parents about my new baby business yet (although I want to soon, if I can muster up the courage) and after not seeing much of my family for ages, I was looking forward to some time with them. We spent Christmas day with D's sprawling, extended family, most of whom I hadn't met before, and then drove to my parents' on Boxing Day for a couple of days with them, my siblings and close family friends.

So I didn't really get any space to breathe: site launch on the 23rd, frantically baking, doing long overdue housework and wrapping presents on the 24th while diving online every few minutes to check my email, Twitter and CCBill account, then heading out on the 25th on hardly any sleep. It was a hardcore context shift, and I was convinced that I was going to slip up in a moment of tiredness or drunken distraction and accidentally let slip what's been going on with me for the last six months. I'm close to my parents and hate lying to them, which makes answering the "so how's work going?" questions an endless mess of half-truths and vagueness.

To my enduring relief, I managed to get away with it, and didn't say anything I shouldn't.

That's not all I got away with, either. Spanking, unfortunately, is far too loud a hobby to indulge while staying in family guestrooms. But I did get up to a certain amount of naughtiness. Such as:

  1. Having cleverly forgotten my laptop charger, sneakily use a borrowed computer to post the Boxing Day update on my site. Yes, I cleared my cache.
  2. The next day, borrow my sister's laptop (she at least knew what I was using it for) to write and send an overdue newsletter to my mailing list. Hiding behind a laptop screen typing porntastic spanking copy while your family comes in and out of the room is a surreal, terrifying experience which I have no desire to repeat.
  3. Late at night, tipsily seduce D into some hush-hush sexytimes in my parents guest bedroom. He ordered me off the bed to stand with my hands against the wall, and to stay absolutely silent. How I wish he could have spanked me... but what he did instead made it almost as hard to keep quiet. I managed it, though. Just.

I love my family, but it's good to be home. I can't wait to release all the pent up tension of the last few weeks with a solid play session in which we can both make as much noise as we like.


hope you can tell parents soon . prob have to coz sight is amazing and will grow to such a sucess , be ironic if you tell them and you find they are into the scene . prehaps get sister to help break the story . they will be proud that you are creative and sucessfull .predict great 2012 for you Paul x

Aye, I've been deliberately holding off until I had an achievement a bit more concrete under my belt than "I've got these ideas, right..." :) Hopefully they'll be able to be proud even if they don't agree with my choices. Thanks for the kind words and good wishes, Paul. Happy new year to you!

Ahahahaha! That would have been a bit of a shock, wouldn't it?! No, I suspect in that case my parents would be among the first to know. Sorry for the confusion though!

Just belatedly read this. Happy new year, Pandora. Err, have you noticed the temporary (amazing!) ambiguity caused by a line break? For a split second I thought I must have been singularly obtuse not to have noticed the diffeences leading up to a "new baby"!

Ahahahaha! That would have been a bit of a shock, wouldn't it?! No, I suspect in that case my parents would be among the first to know. Sorry for the confusion though!

Hi Pandora and happy new year to you. Starting the year as I mean to go on I had my first new year spanking on 1st January just as I was getting out of bed. A nice hard bare bottom slippering across my lady's knee, leaving me feeling hot and tingly for the rest of the morning.

Hope you've managed to get your bottom smacked this year, despite missing out at Christmas. I continue to enjoy your exploits and spanking stories, pictures etc. Keep up the good work, we all love to see you.

Best wishes

John x

Dear Pandora,

Very Happy New Year - 2012!

I suspect that - although we might be inhibited about talking about these subjects - with some relatives - we may also inherit some of these feelings anyway. We may even have an "inherited memory" of this (Although; iam not sure about this).

By the way - the Kinks did an album in 1975 - called "Schoolboys in Disgrace". Doubt it sold well here; in the U.K. though ..... more due to the Kinks being rather out of fashion than any other reason. I was too embarrassed to buy the L.P. .... but (years later) bought the C.D (by post!).

Chris C X

I know for a fact that my parents aren't kinky - they know about my personal tastes and we've even talked about it, a little. What they don't know is the extent of my professional involvement, and I'm not sure they'd approve. Still, onwards!

I haven't heard the Kinks album - did it have any punishment-themes lyrics with a title like that? :)

Dear Pandora, From Memory - It was a Pop Opera (I believe the last the Kinks did) - and the Theme was
connected to a Schooboy making his girlfriend Pregnant.
I seem to remember the show - which directly mentioned a Caning scene.

The people at the Concert were interested - but more interested (I Suspect) in the Kinks Previous "Golden Oldie" Hits - from years before.

The cover of the album was Considered by many (Including Myself!) to be a mistake.

Yours Sincerely,

Chris C

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