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The story continues at Spanked in Uniform

Posted at 21:47 on 6 Dec 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Amelia Jane Rutherford, Photos, school uniform, shoot writeups, Spanked in Uniform, strap

One of the things I like best about Spanked in Uniform is the ongoing storylines. I've filmed three episodes in total for St Catherine's Private School for Girls, and the latest one was the second part of my story arc with Amelia Jane Rutherford, The Fourth Detention.

In part 2, Amelia and I are very, very annoyed that the Headmaster doesn't believe that the two of us were clever enough to have written under multiple pseudonyms, using different writing styles, in our secret underground school magazine. He wants us to name the other girls involved and in detention that day we'd told him that there aren't any other girls, it was all us. When he says that he'll punish us every night before bed until we confess, we decide we have to act, and hatch a plan to tell him there were two other girls involved - but giving him the names of two classmates who have since left the school, so he won't be able to do anything about it.

To our dismay, the Headmaster immediately checks the school register; worse, he doesn't even believe us that the other two were involved in the magazine before they left!

I had an absolutely lovely time playing this scene: getting to be very young and very conspiratorial with Amelia, and outraged that he won't believe anything we tell him, and then ever so sorry for ourselves that our hand spanking every night has been changed to a strapping. We got twenty each with the strap (it really hurt, I was wincing as I watched it!), and the last eight were kneeling up with our backs arched, which is a really difficult position to try and maintain while being spanked. Amelia took her strokes first and got extra for moving, so when mine came I tried to stay absolutely still, and the only way I could manage it was by shrieking and sobbing instead. It felt like a story from an Enid Blyton book - we were both such heroines and being treated so badly, it was wonderfully self-indulgent.

My favourite line from this scene was Amelia's at the end: "When I'm an old lady and I'm 35 I'm going to say to people 'look at my bottom, look at the scars I've got, that's because of that bastard Headmaster!'"


hey sweetie, I've just posted a review of the Spanking in Uniform site at my blog; the review is very positive and I do mention you by name.

Keep up the excellent work; I'm looking forward to having the opportunity to review your Dreams of Spanking site in the near future.

All the best


That was a great line. It's not only funny, it also touches on a fantasy from my youth that I'd forgotten about - which was talking to an adult woman about spankings she'd received over the years and her not only talking about them, but being willing to show me 'scars'. I had no idea at the time, of course, how severe the spanking would have to be to leave scars... lol

Best Regards,


Let me just add that as a producer it was an absolute pleasure working with Amelia and Pandora. They work together so brilliantly!

In all the series they did a wonderfull job and it is allways a pleasure, and an honour, to work with them

Two of the best in the business without any doubt!

Hope to see them in Holland again soon :)


Ah ha ha ha, favourite scene EVER! I loved being young and serious with you :) xxx

Ah, you were brilliant to do this with! I love how the SIU shoots let us all unashamedly pretend to be very young without any self-consciousness whatsoever. I think it helps that most of the other scenarios are fairly grownup, and that the uniforms are so authentic and not expected to be "sexy". Fun fun fun!

Clearly my post failed to convey the schoolgirlish melodrama with which that line was delivered. Both Amelia and I are closer to 35 than 15 - it was intended entirely for comic effect!

Lol "when I'm an old woman at 35" ---I've got a few more good years left before I'm "an old woman"

Clearly my post failed to convey the schoolgirlish melodrama with which that line was delivered. Both Amelia and I are closer to 35 than 15 - it was intended entirely for comic effect!

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