Getting Medieval on her Ass

Posted at 23:50 on 10 Feb 2011 by Pandora / Blake

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Northern Spanking have a new video online, featuring two of my favourite spanking models - Amelia Jane Rutherford and Zoe Montana - appearing together in the same film for, I think, the first time. It also stars Paul Kennedy, Stephen Lewis (flagellant monk par excellence!), and Zoe's husband Nick. I really like watching real couples interact on film. Plus a historical context with flowing medieval costumes. What's not to like?

The scene represents a public fantasy; a sort of punishment free-for-all. Zoe is displayed in the 'town square' and a herald announces that all whom this wench has wronged should come forward and deal with her as they see fit. Hot. The scenario is immediately made more edgy by the presence of Amelia's character, the virtuous lady spectator whose role in events is unclear. Her glee pointedly contrasts with Zoe's suffering, and her prurient smirks and faux innocence ("'Tis my sad duty to bare her wicked flesh!") made me grin from the offset.

When it comes down to it, this film is NSI ham at its best. Amelia-Jane strikes saintly poses in the corners. Everyone looks fabulous in their costumes (and we get a rare glimpse of Paul without his glasses!). The actors deliver snort-inducing lines with exuberantly serious dramatic flair. (At one point Amelia's shrieks of outrage max out the treble on my speakers, but her facial expressions throughout are so entertaining that I didn't mind one jot). And as a straightforward public humiliation/victim fantasy, it's extremely appealing.

Catch the full video and photostory at Northern Spanking


My favourite thing about this, *ever*, is Mr Lewis dressed as a monk. Cool!

When he pauses the punishment for a moment's prayer and contemplation (TWICE) I nearly wet my pants laughing!

if i may say i would love to see you dressed up like that praying as you get i bet your pants were wet anyway from getting turned simon.

In Medieval days, when knights were bold, They made naughty ladies bare bottoms, turn hot from cold, by spanking them.

Wonderful. Zoe does love dressing up and as quickly stripping down. She's got short hair now.

This type of public punishment reminds me of one of my favorite fantasies that I actually read from a book, years ago, on various female sexual fantasies. (I'll have to look up what book that was...) A woman describes reading a book about the American frontier days and how a woman was once sentenced to be tied, bending over and stripped to her underwear, outside of the courthouse where she received her caning sentence. After that point she was to remain tied there for 2 hours in which the other town folk could come by and cane her as much as they wished. I've always thought that would make a great scene in a film.

Keep up the great work, Pandora!

- Franklin

Franklin - yeah, it's hot, isn't it? That "outside the courthouse" scenario is perfect - not only the public humiliation and the aspect of being open to all comers, but on top of a judicial punishment as well.

I'd love to film a scenario like this - an outdoor location would add a lot, I think. Tricky to do, though!

In my fantasy the setting isn't usually a public square but a castle, where I'm sex-slave-furniture, part of the setup to be used by anyone passing as they so wish ... and of course because this is MY fantasy, the passing guests and residents all happen to like impact play and anal rather than anything I'm less keen on ;)

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