How to make housework more interesting

Posted at 19:50 on 8 Mar 2011 by Pandora / Blake

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Today I spent an hour scrubbing wooden floorboards, naked.

This was an intersection of many different aims. Most pressingly, the floor needed scrubbing. I also have a client who wanted to see a video of me cleaning floors in the nude. This was pretty convenient, as usually when I'm doing tedious chores I fantasise about being a hapless slave or scullery maid, mistreated and virtuous, forced to do boring housework rather than chasing her dreams. Ironic, really, that I have bucketloads of freedom, and my dreams mostly consist of making porn in which I am rather less free.

I decided that scrubbing the floor naked would be much more fun if I'd recently been beaten, so I may as well make a short film for my own site as well as the custom clip for my client. Sadly, radiators and plug sockets around the walls meant an actual Victorian maid scenario would have been somewhat unconvincing. But that's okay, because it gave me an excuse to break the fourth wall and make a film about the act of fantasising, not the fantasy itself.

Fittingly, today is International Woman's Day - a good day to make consensual D/s porn in which my boyfriend makes my fantasies come true. In the story, I'm meant to be scrubbing the floor on Saturday, and am not looking forward to the prospect - but when I come downstairs to start work, I discover that Tom has already cleared out the furniture and swept the floor for me, and is waiting looking rather dashing in a period waistcoat and cravat. My Victorian maid's uniform is waiting on a chair for me. It's his present to me, knowing how my mind tends to wander while I'm doing housework and wanting to make the chore more fun for both of us. I get dressed up in my maid's outfit, he gives me some lovely marks with the cane, and then I get undressed again (so as not to soil the costume) and set to work feeling warm, floaty and very loved.

I scrubbed for an hour, and the work went by ever so quickly - distracted by the rough wood under my bare knees, the cool air between my thighs and the glowing welts on my bottom. I can definitely recommend this as an approach to housework, if you can manage it!


I wasn't sure you would last a full hour, but you did. And the stills here look very good. So I am very pleased indeed.

And I should add: that floor is a treasure. Painterly, pittoresque, painful, perfect.

I would have paid you NOT to scrub on International Women's Day!


I am looking for a cleaner interested?


Hmm, scrubbing the floor naked seems like an interesting idea, Pandora! My motivation to do my housework always increases rapidly when I know that I clean and tidy a room for an upcoming spanking scene. It's so much more fun to look at a clean floor when being over one's partner's knee or to wield a cane having enough space to do it efficiently... ;-)

This answers the question as to whether scrubbing a floor can be an exciting spectator activity, the answer being, yes.

Client - I am pleased you're pleased! I hope the finished film lives up to expectations :) The floor is a wonder, isn't it? And painful indeed - I was mopping up blood for parts of this after getting stabbed by a splinter. But that was small and healed up before the hour was out. The bruising will last longer, I think :)

Jim - Oh, sweetheart :) The floor-scrubbing exercise was originally scheduled for last week, but had to be put off due to Tom's ill health. Thanks for the video though, I LOVE that track.

TC - If you're offering adult modelling rates, sure :)

Kaelah - It's amazing what makes housework more appealing. A scene to look forward to - a recent spanking - it being someone else's housework... ;)

Brett B - I'd have felt even more humiliated with an audience other than Tom! For some reason the camera doesn't have quite the same effect :)

It's a catastrophic turn-off, for me.



Jim - it does you credit. I can understand why - this is not an unproblematic scene, and wouldn't have been my first choice for International Woman's Day. But after the date change, I was even gladder I'd deliberately given it such a positive and affirming spin.

I'll be making lots of feminist-friendly porn in the other 364 days this year that I'm a woman, never fear :)

if i was watching you clean the floor i would of got you to wear a french maids dress and frilly knickers but thats just me.

Those pictures of you bare-assed are really hot. Who knew scrubbing a floor could be sexy?

This is so late, but I just wanted to say how beautiful you look in these pictures. :)

Hi Pandora, I'm Henry from Italy.
It's more and more difficult to find words watching this pictures and I can tell without doubt that duties more beautiful your bottom.
I'm happy you feel well in this sexy situation and live in the right way that little ehxibitionist set.
A little word was a fantastic present, this pictures are an infinite dream for me


Great looking poses on the floor.........Beautiful Bottom and Body....Thanks

Hi Pandora,

Looking very good and submissive there. Perhaps you should have someone whip you periodically when you start slacking or not scrubbing fast enough!!


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