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Live blog: What Happens in Vegas

Posted at 00:01 on 27 Apr 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Bailey Sullivan, cane, F-F, Marcus Black, Mf, Northern Spanking, paddle, Performers and producers, reviews, Zille Defeu

I'm just watching NSI's film What Happens in Vegas, which they filmed at the Shadowlane party last September. I was drawn in by the exceptionally pretty photography - the colours and lighting in the accompanying stills are just gorgeous - and, of course, by the tempting prospect of Zille Defeu and Bailey Sullivan in black lingerie. It's worth writing about, so I'll blog in real time as I'm watching it.

Technically speaking, the film definition is very high, but the audio does suffer from the fact that Northern Spanking were filming out of their suitcases and were presumably limited in terms of microphones - it's a bit hard to hear the dialogue unless you turn it right up, at which point there's a lot of rumble. Audio is one of the hardest things to get right, especially if you don't have a separate boom mic, so I have every sympathy - I've had the same problem on more than one occasion. Mostly, I'm just glad this film exists at all despite them being away from their standard setup, so I'm not inclined to complain too much. And the light in the film is almost as lovely as in the stills.

The girls are adorable as they await their fate, but the opening dialogue is hard to take seriously. However, as soon as Marcus Black appears the pace steps up. I haven't seen his work before, but he's excellent - great voice, properly intimidating, and not a wasted word.

Watching Zille pretend to not to know how to spank Bailey (and not to enjoy it!) is lovely on two levels: firstly, it's so untrue as to be hilarious, and secondly, I have a big soft spot for unwilling top scenes, and Zille's character is having even less fun than Bailey's as she's forced to punish her friend. This starts out cute but kind of ridiculous, and rapidly becomes believable and extremely hot. Little moments make this: Zille's wide-eyed, expectant looks at Mr Black every few smacks to see if it's enough yet; shaking her hand in surprise as it starts to sting; Bailey's super-cute and very convincing ouchie noises; the way she kicks her feet as Zille steps up the pace.

Honestly, I'm not sure who I'm more jealous of - Zille or Bailey. They are both gorgeous throughout, and the matching lingerie and stockings are perfect - although I have to give a special mention to the delicious curve of Zille's bottom over the knee from that low camera angle. As the spanking progresses the sadistic voyeur in me starts wanting to see Bailey get over her reluctance, realise that actually she loves spanking Zille's bottom and making her moan, develop a wicked grin and go hell for leather. But for the sake of the storyline I'm glad they stay in character!

Notes on the rest of the spanking:

  • I'm not sure that the cutesy black leather paddle with the pink hearts quite fits, but the moment where the girls hold hands and make eye contact makes up for it. I'm a sucker for that stuff.
  • The second brown leather paddle looks much meaner - I wouldn't be in a hurry to bend over for that.
  • The cropping and caning are a bit slow for my tastes, and if this were my fantasy it'd be harder, but I wouldn't wish that on the models unless they were in the mood!
  • Love the moment when the familiar pattern is broken by Marcus sitting down between the girls with the cane and taking his chins in their hands - lovely!
  • The shot where he's caning Bailey with Zille lying on the bed in the background and watching is really nicely done.
  • Brilliant moment at the end when Bailey nearly lost her straight face at the line "I'll bury you in the desert"!

This one is very sexy, and definitely worth watching - the visuals are strong, all three performances are great, and there are some lovely (and touching) psychological moments. Head over to Northern Spanking to check it out. Meanwhile, I shall go to bed, and dream of being Zille ... or Bailey ...


So much hotness in one film. Oh my.

Isn't it just? My brain almost exploded.

My darling, you have the best ideas :)

How about you just dream about being sandwiched in between Zille and Bailey ... I think they'd both, you know, be able to cope with that *somehow*...!

My darling, you have the best ideas :)

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This looks incredibly yummy.

And so does your new site. I'm a little slow to catch on sometimes, but I'm happy I did.

Thanks very much! I'm glad I didn't leave you behind :)


Obviously I am a bit late getting to this, but I just wanted to say thanks for your review. I finally got around to watching this video myself (hey, kids and spouses really cut into my porn watching!) and I have to say, I found it mostly campy and not my best performance, but I sure had BLAST working with Zille and the folks at NSI. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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