Schoolgirls in Space!

Posted at 20:43 on 14 Apr 2011 by Pandora / Blake

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Here's an awesome thing: Northern Spanking Institute have just released a spanko sci-fi satire to warm the cockles consoles of geeks everywhere. Starring the "comedy core" NSI cast of Amelia Jane Rutherford, Leia-Ann Woods, Paul Kennedy and Amy Hunter (whom you may remember from Strictly Come Spanking!, among myriad other projects), Schoolgirls in Space is described as the closest the team have come to producing a "Carry On" film. If you like a dash of laughter with your kink, or if you've ever enjoyed classic British sci-fi like Doctor Who (or spoofs like Red Dwarf), this is for you.

Schoolgirls in Space apparently started out as a dare to come up with an original schoolgirl spanking scenario, and that it certainly achieves. I'm told that unlike many web clips, this one was scripted, resulting in a snappy back-and-forth of witty dialogue, laced with geeky references and terrible puns (and, no doubt, great potential for cock-ups - I'm looking forward hugely to seeing the out takes from this one).

There is no denying that this film is very, very silly. Featuring tin foil hats (remember: they're keeping you safe), arachnid-invested swimming pools, regulation space underwear, a nasal-voiced space stewardess and unexpected lingerie-related incidents, this is not for those who take their kink too seriously. The NSI crew gleefully and mercilessly rip off sci-fi, schoolgirl spanking scenarios, the vagaries of air travel and themselves. The result is gloriously entertaining, with several laugh out loud moments.

Pornography and satire have always gone hand in hand. It's impossible to resist the urge to remake our favourite entertainment with more explicit content, and if you're doing so with a lower budget and a sense of humour, remake almost inevitably becomes pisstake. Some have criticised Schoolgirls in Space as nonsense. If so, it is extremely high quality nonsense. The script is witty and delivered with perfect deadpan timing. The actors are watchable, charming and very nice to look at. A great deal of care has gone into the set and costumes, with perfectly matching school uniforms, an extremely impressive futuristic set by the design wizards at Restrained Elegance, a lovely latex outfit for Amelia and matching metallic accessories for the ship's crew, including a silver-coloured cane. Comedy it may be, but it's well crafted. Even the tinfoil hats and flight console represent more effort than goes into many spanking productions, as do the silly sound effects (which bring the whole thing together perfectly, in my opinion).

Whether it serves to satisfy as pornography is a question of personal taste. For me, this clip is closer to a clever, laugh-out-loud burlesque show than a straightforward erotic striptease. The spankings are extended and the caning hard enough to leave visible red welts, but the giggle-inducing dialogue stimulated my funny bone and my brain as much as my clit.

As titillating, kink-positive, fabulously satirical spanko entertainment, Schoolgirls in Space is a total success. This is one to show your pervy and geeky friends, especially the ones who need putting at ease with the CP aspect of their kink, and I'll definitely be re-watching it.

Click below to download the trailer:

And the full video can be viewed online at Northern Spanking.


Anything that might persuade some of the po-faced, take-themselves-so-seriously BDSM brigade to lighten up a bit and have a laugh has got to be welcome, after all how can one really be serious about grown-up mature adults spanking each others' bottoms like they were naughty kids....

I look forward to seeing it, but at the moment I can't get your link to work on my computer.

Pandora, thanks for posting this. The pictures alone had me grinning before I'd even watched the trailer - those tinfoil hats!

Amy and Leia-Ann have the bratty schoolgirl thing down pat. And few people could manage to look elegant and sexy wearing their bra and knickers over their futuristic uniforms - but Amelia pulls it off.

I agree with you and Wizard B - spanking doesn't have to be straight-faced to turn me on. Sometimes a wink to the audience makes it all the more erotic!

anything to do with schoolgirls i like so i injoyed schoolgirls in space and like their matching uniform but i see they are not wearing matching school simon.

Sorry if this is a re-post... My original seems to have gotten dumped by Google.

Very cute and funny! I love the line "... reverse the polarity of the neutron flow..." especially since neutrons are neutral and have no polarity. I'm a sci-fi nerd from way back to the original Star Trek days. Many is the time I wished that Kirk would have taken Lt Uhuru or Yeoman Rand over his knee, and I was often writing teleplays in my mind to get that to happen in a believable way.

I do have to question what Wizard said above "how can one really be serious about grown-up mature adults spanking each others' bottoms like they were naughty kids...." I don't know if that was meant as spanking per se shouldn't be taken seriously or that when we spankos act or play in silly ways that it shouldn't be taken seriously. I hope it's the latter and not the former.

Certainly spanking can be serious - seriously painful, seriously erotic, and the framework for a serious D/s relationship. It's disheartening if that's not understood.


Not very convincing cane strokes at all. I'm sure Pandora can take them harder than that!


Late reply, but we can all in that film take harder than that, it is whether the producers want us to lovely!

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