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Wanted: male spanking performers

Posted at 19:27 on 16 Apr 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Female gaze, Gender politics, M-M, making a scene, other pictures, porn production

There's been some excellent discussion this week about discrimination among spanking afficionados, especially site owners and event organisers, against M/m couples and content. I haven't had the chance to engage with the debate yet, although you can probably imagine where I stand.

Conversation and debate are essential, but so are actions. Specifically, so are positive, creative actions; I'd rather make the porn I want to see than criticise other producers for not making it. I haven't had the time or energy to contribute to the blog discussion yet. But inbetween reading other people's comments I have been thinking about the fact that I intended to launch my site with some M/m video, and it's the one orientation I haven't shot yet. I would have by now, but suitable performers are thin on the ground. So this is my (initial) response to the discussion, in the hope that I will be able to effect change with actions rather than words.


WANTED: Spanking performers for M/m video productions.

I'm interested in hearing from male tops and bottoms who fulfil the following criteria:

- You're a keen spankophile or kinky chap aged between 18-45. You're at ease with your kink and comfortable expressing it in performance.

- You are comfortable acting out non-sexual spanking scenarios with other men as a top or bottom.

- Ideally, you have some professional or amateur acting experience, on stage or screen. If not, you can demonstrate an interest in performance and roleplay, and have the confidence, presence and improvisation skills to back it up.

- You have enough experience giving or receiving spankings to convince me that you know what you're doing. (If your experience has mostly been with spanking professionals, please do let me know their names so I can contact them for a reference.) - If you're a top, you can demonstrate that you are skillful and safe using your hands or implements to administer discipline. - If you're a bottom, you can demonstrate that you have enough experience to be aware of your own preferences and limits.

- You are willing to have images of your face and bottom published publically online, under a stage name of your choice (full frontal nudity is not required).

I'm offering a decent rate of pay plus your travel costs (within the UK) for a day's work creating spanking stills and video content. You'll need photo ID and I'll ask you to sign a model release. We'll look after you, treat you like the professional you are, respect your limits without question, and provide catering and accommodation if necessary.

I'd be particularly interested in hearing from young or youthful looking spankees, men of colour, and male/male couples who have good chemistry and would be willing to share their play on camera.

If this is you, please send an email introducing yourself to info at pandoras-bot dot com. Include at least one face shot of yourself, and one full body shot (spankees should include a shot of their bottom if possible).

Your bottom doesn't have to be as beautiful as Jimmy Holloway's, but if it is, it'll help.

In addition to the above, I'm also interested in hearing from male spankees fitting the above criteria who would like to be considered for F/m productions. If you're applying for F/m work you don't have to be comfortable working with other men - but it'll endear you to me if you are.


I would love to be a F/m spanking model & performer! Also comfortable with M/m non-sexual punishment, but with a hint (or more!) of the erotic.

[...] put a casting call up on my blog, but disappointingly, my inbox was not instantly flooded with requests for work from [...]

It's sad there is not too much good M/m spanking movies out there. Every once in a while, I'd enjoy it.

Also interesting, when I came in to the scene, I was sure I don't want to play with other men. But as longer I think about it, I'm not so sure anymore. Now, I can imagine to top a youngish man, if the chemistry is right. Let's see what the future brings...

Dang, I'm sorry I don't live in Europe right now...

super ufans mit ateweis und izobin theirier, sehr behere und hrung. sselie schon vedabgen hat nderwigo, vetand und trach mit beitich.

Hi Pandora
Did Lucy Mc give you my details & photo.I would be interested in working for you.

Only just come across this site. Are you still looking for male spanking models for m/m work?

If so would be interested in applying as I'm quite experienced in that field. Should I send details to you anyway or is this no longer running?


Hi im a male have been cained hard and enjoyed it i also do life modeling although i am a mature white male can withstand hard caining im stright but dont mind m/m im 5ft 9in med build been told have great bum and people would love to cain it


Interested in a slightly older (57) and experienced guy?
I am an experienced mature, fully bisexual male model / actor for adult films based in London but I travel and work extensively across Europe. I have experience in both vanilla and fetish shoots.
References on AIR.
Full details on my web site including pictures, bio and show reel: http://pornactor.blogspot.co.uk/
I look forward to discussing opportunities

Kind Regards


Hello am interested. In being a bottom for a spanking session. I have been brought up being spanked and still get spanked a lot. I am bi sexual and into otk bare bum spanking mostly by the hand soundly to tears and sometimes the leather paddle.
I am 42 5'5 138 but look way younger clean shaved. If you like to see pics of me please email me.

Male spankee

I am an 18 year old asian-american who would love to participate in m/m spanking scenes in which
I em expected to obey the spanker and cater to his needs. I may show some resistance but
i assume the spanker will be brauny enough to be able to keep to under control and administer a harsh lesson. Please do get back to me


I'm a sub bottom otk enthusiast in Kentucky


I believe that handspanking is the best, this meaning that it's coming from the true you, it's your hand and your type of hand spanking, this is in my opinion, the best thing you could give to a sub, it shows the tru you and your tru strength. yes hair brush and or wooden spoon is ok but , your hand is part of you personally, so it's more personal, also I'm a beginner, I've been spanked and such but I've never been "actually" spanked if you know what I mean .

In conclusion I believe the best spankee is a fresh spankee that way you get a tru reaction 😍👌👌😜


Hello please can someone give me the email address to contact pandorablake about the spanking roles, thank you, alternatively email me on ainsworthcallum9@gmail.com, thank you

want to be a male spanking model for f/m

I am always dreamed to be spanked as a little kids and love to be a male performer for f/m spanking. May consider non sexual mm spanking. I am locate in mostly Canada or China however.

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