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Clover's first birching

Posted at 18:53 on 10 Jun 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: birch, Body positivity, bondage, Clover Rock, English Spankers, interviews

Often it's an image that catches my attention first. Lighting, colour, composition - all these can snag my gaze and draw me in. But I look at bodies, too, hungry in particular for representations of the sorts of bodies you see all the time in real life and rarely in erotic imagery. Curvy bodies, for instance. Brown bodies. Male bodies.

I hope Clover won't mind my saying this, but it was definitely her figure that caught my eye in these pictures of her recent birching scene with English Spankers. She has a beautifully narrow waist, muscular midriff and shapely legs, and her skintone is complemented perfectly by the rich wood tones of the room she's photographed in. Once looking, however, it's the content that keeps my attention, particularly the text telling me that these are pictures of her first ever birching.

It's a claim that's often made in porn. There are entire sites devoted to the concept of a performer experiencing their 'first' this or that, often completely fabricated. I've worked with English Spankers, though, and I know that they're honest enough not to bother with that sort of petty deception. The photos were pretty enough to merit a blog post and I wanted to get my facts straight, so I got in touch with Clover and asked her about the shoot. Was it really her first birching?

Yes, she said; and she'd been very nervous beforehand. "I tried to find people who had experienced it but didn't have much luck, only a couple of people. So I went not knowing what to expect." Brave, to try something new and scary for the first time on a film shoot, with a professional top rather than a romantic partner. But I know from my own experiences that the camera can lend you courage and a sense of adventure.

Most importantly, I wanted to know, did she have fun? "It was a really good experience actually. I was so nervous right up to when we were shooting and then I actually enjoyed it. Although I think they went very easy on me!"

I know how that goes. Scary implements are built up and up in your head into this awful horror - and then of course if you try them with a top who respects your boundaries and introduces you, the reality can sometimes seem almost anticlimactic. But the sort of spray birch used in this scene isn't about dreadfully hard strokes, but about a cumulative sting which builds to an unbearably intensity if applied rapidly without a break. "They were light kind of whippy rods, applied fast," Clover explains. "I did it in a standing position upright, so I was nervous as I had never received any CP in this position, but it felt nice for the birching." So, all in all, a successful first experience? Yes, she says: "I would definitely do it again!"

As well as showing off her lovely bottom on a number of spanking sites, Clover's real passion is shibari, Japanese rope bondage. She's an accomplished bondage photographer and rigger as well as a self-proclaimed rope slut. Check out her blog and tumblr for updates on her adventures on both sides of the lens.


Clover you took your birching very well! I have to agree you have a fantastic body too. You are very shapely.

Are then any more pictures or videos of either Clover or Pandora being birched?

Thank you for posting about Clover! I have not yet seen her in a full video, only in a preview from Northern Spanking ("Girl Next Door" I believe), but seeing her spanked, I fell into immediately spanko-lust crush on her. As you may recall, I'm a huge fan of reactions, and seeing her face/expressions as she took what was apparently quite a long spanking was really priceless. I'm going to have to save a few coins and get that video soon.

I also agree whole-heartedly about the beauty of her body. Not only is she curvy and sexy, but she also has this quality that I'll call "hug-able" which makes her pretty amazing to me. I don't know how much material she's done yet, so I don't know how "new" she is to spanking porn. But you can count me as being a new fan of hers. I'm not a big fan of spankings taken standing up, but I will have to consider this video, since it has Clover AND birching ;-)

Best Regards,

"But I know from my own experiences that the camera can lend you courage and a sense of adventure."

I am curious about this. Why do you think the camera affects you this way? Is a sense of daring? Of obligation? Or showmanship (show womanship even)? Would an audience have the same effect? Or the security of crew and fellow performers that reasures you in some way?

One might think that privacy and a trusted partner would be the place to push your boundaries.


[...] Clover's first birching | Spanked, Not Silenced Clover's first birching. Posted by Pandora on June 10th, 2011. Often it's an image that catches my attention first. … [...]

A stunning set of photos of Clover, which completely reinforces my view that a curvy lady wearing nothing other than black hold-up stockings portrays the most complete erotic image! Particularly when canes or birches are involved! Pandora - I recall you once saying that "there is just something about the cane - I could just eat it!" I think I could say exactly the same about a birch rod - in the right hands this is simply one of the most awesome yet stimulating implements ever devised.

Thank you for writing about my birching Pandora, it was interesting reading. I completely agree with what you say, "I know from my own experiences that the camera can lend you courage and a sense of adventure.”

Its very true, for me I find it much easier to take a harder spanking or implement I hate on film, probably due to the exhibitionism, performance and also the fact I don't want to let people down and want to do my best.

Thank you for such generous compliments and thoroughly enjoyable reading.


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