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Posted at 17:59 on 5 Jul 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: funny, kink, Zille Defeu

Tom and I are spending a few days up north with Zille Defeu and her husband Duncan, enjoying some time to relax and get up to various pleasurable pursuits.

It's lovely to see Zille with a beautific smile on her face, cheeks flushed, totally blissed out. Right now she's so relaxed that if you ask her a question, and she'll just smile and say "hmmm?" without really hearing you. She's purring more loudly than the cat who got the cream.

I have to admit that the last hour has contained more its usual share of decadent delights. We're lucky there aren't any neighbours near enough to hear all the moans and sighs that have filled the house.

Tired contentment has settled over the group; languor filling our limbs, eyes half closed. After such a sensory whole body experience we are all enjoying a natural high.

A long walk in the hills followed by a homemade cream tea. As pleasures go, you just can't beat it.


[...] sensed the promise for potential and more; but that Wednesday in particular had been one of those perfect days. Since hiking up onto the Fells that afternoon, sharing that exhilarated, almost spiritual [...]

Mmmm. Mmmmmmm. Don't stop.

Homemade scones. Devonshire clotted cream. Strawberry jam, lemon curd, crumpets, melting butter... :)

It was pretty much a perfect day :)

What Adele Haze said!


It was pretty much a perfect day :)

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