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Revenge is a dish best served hot

Posted at 20:12 on 26 Aug 2011 by Pandora / Blake

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Whee, the first scene from my shoot with Sarah Gregory has just gone live on her site. This is quite exciting for me because it's my first ever appearance on an American website - previously I've only ever worked with European studios. Fame awaits! I am quite pleased that my debut across the pond was with one of the few spanking studios run by the female spankee star. We spankee producers should stick together.

The scene is called "Revenge is a dish best served hot". In it, Sarah and I play college room-mates. I'm minding my own business in our room when she comes in and starts making a massive fuss about the fact that she just got into trouble because our papers were too similar. Which is totally unfair - I only borrowed her paper to look up her references. Well... maybe I reworded a few of her paragraphs. Anyway, she decides to give me the same treatment she just got from her tutor. Which means a hand spanking, followed by the cane.

It was a fun, believable scenario, although it was a bit unusual for me to play someone genuinely in the wrong. Still, I got to get caned by Sarah Gregory, so no complaints here.

If you want to watch me being beaten by Sarah without having to pretend to hate every second, you'll like this clip we filmed to promote the "Sadistic Loop" from the Sarah Gregory Cane-iac Collection. I thought I'd hate it, but after a few strokes I realised that although it was definitely painful, I could probably be persuaded to take a few more...

Thanks for reading - now be careful; don't click here.


Mmmmmm, Sarah Gregory is so wonderfully gorgeous, and smart, and sexy, and fun to watch get spanked. Or give spankings, for that matter. She's got a wonderful blend of beauty, brains, raw sex appeal, genuine kinkiness, humor, and sophistication that's quite rare.

I think of her as the American Pandora Blake.

[...] New: Spanked by my roommate Sarah Gregory for plagiarising her college essay (more about this scene here). [...]

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Nice implement and I certainly enjoyed the demonstration :-) Hearing the way it landed on you and you reaction makes me think it's got an intense combination of stinginess and heaviness that could be used as easily for punishment as play.

I'll have to look into it.

Best Regards,

Yes, it was certainly intense - but not as purely stingy as I imagined, it had a nice thud underneath. Maybe it's superficial, but despite the good sensations I don't think I'd pick it out for my toybox simply because I'm not keen on the red plasticky appearance. I'm drawn towards implements I find aesthetically appealing as well as liking the effect!

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