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Settling the score

Posted at 18:58 on 23 Aug 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: bath brush, D, dominance and submission, kink, Photos, Real life punishment

"I've got a plan," D told me, some weeks ago. "I'm going to put you in your collar, and deal with it all at once, everything you'd accumulated up to the point where we swapped over."

One of the reasons my exercise accounting was transferred to Tom was that D and I hadn't had the opportunity to clear the slate in some time. I was substantially overdue.

Two days ago, we finally settled the score.

Wrists bound to the head of the bed. Ankles bound together and tied to the foot. He didn't want me going anywhere.

My collar, just in case I hadn't appreciated the gravity of the occasion.

200 strokes with the bathbrush.

I think it was out of kindness that D powered through them as quickly as possible. I have to confess that at the time, I struggled to appreciate his generosity. Unable to leap up and run headlong out of the room like any sensible person, I sobbed, buried my head in the pillows, bit back tears.

Halfway through, he leaned over and asked in a low voice, "Are you still going to be speaking to me after this?"

"That depends on what you do next," I replied, unable to keep the smile out of my voice.

It turns out that 200 strokes of the bath brush earns you a hell of a lot of snuggles ... among other things.

Whatever you do, don't click here.


Congratulations on getting your slate cleared. I've been told that brushes and particularly bath brushes, are difficult to take. With 200 strokes I'm not surprised that you had to bite back tears.

Was the implement mutually agreed on? I suppose, though, if there were choices, the number of strokes would have to vary with each...

Anyway, love the photos. What's more beautiful than a punished girl?

Best Regards,

The bath brush was chosen at the start of our discipline arrangement as the implement to use. We picked one that I didn't enjoy erotically, didn't find easy to take, wouldn't leave lasting marks, and which we don't tend to play with for fun. Which all makes sense, but believe me, I have had occasional cause to regret it!

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A beautiful marked bottom and you look at peace with yourself..........


It certainly felt good to clear the backlog and be able to move on! I hope D doesn't leave it as long until the next time, I much prefer to get this sort of thing dealt with in more manageable chunks.

Test, only just a test

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