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The Spanking Collection

Posted at 22:15 on 31 Aug 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Blogging, learning curves, making a scene, Short stories

Today is a special day; one I've been awaiting for months. The Spanking Writers, Abel and Haron, are launching their anthology collection of spanking stories by twenty bloggers and writers, the proceeds from which will all be donated to cancer research. It's an ambitious, generous project, and I know they've both poured huge amounts of time and energy into it.

It's also personally exciting to me, because they were kind enough to invite me to contribute a story, and the opportunity prompted me to write my first ever piece of 'proper' spanking fiction (blog posts don't count).

The authors include some of my favourite writers - I am particularly looking forward to reading Casey Morgan, Graham Grey and Paul Bailey's contributions. I couldn't wait to read the stories by Penny Docherty and Zille Defeu, which was lucky because both of them let me have a sneak peek. Both lived up to my high expectations - in very different ways.

My own story started life as a somewhat wry take on the royal wedding, which was all you could hear about at the time I was writing, and evolved into a far more in-depth piece than I'd imagined. My initial intention was to explore the complexities of consent by setting the stage for the semi-consensual punishment of a strong minded character. To make things more interesting the punishment is a judicial, ceremonial one; and the backdrop for the scenario is an arranged marriage - to which my princess entirely consents.

The punishment itself is not, initially, consensual. She is more tricked into it than forced, but in the end she chooses to go along with events wholeheartedly for varied reasons of her own.

Other things which may interest you about it: it's a spanking story based in a Fantasy setting (I haven't heard of many people doing this apart from Haron herself, but as an avid reader of fantasy it's a genre fusion I've always been rather keen on), and none of the characters in it are white. I had almost as much fun with the world building as I did with the caning sequence itself.

This is a one-off opportunity to read not only my first ever story in print (yay!), but exclusive stories by a lot of well-known kinky authors. Every contribution to the project, including that of Abel and Haron themselves, is unpaid, and the whole thing is for an extremely good cause. It's available in paperback and a variety of ebook formats. Please do consider buying a copy for yourself or a friend, and if you do, let me know what you think!

Watch your step - don't click this.


Thanks for this! I love your story - it's one of the best in the book - and really do hope that sales of the anthology will raise a good sum for the chosen charity :-)

You're very welcome - I really enjoyed taking part, and hope the book raises a lot of money for cancer research. Have you got any feedback from buyers yet? :)

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