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Weekend hyperkinks #3

Posted at 21:44 on 6 Aug 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Elegance Studios, Gender politics, hyperkinks, Kink activism, Kitty Stryker, Maggie Mayhem, Violet Blue

Every time I think back on Thursday night I can't help grinning. I feel like I did after my first well-paid glamour shoot; like a successful shoplifter. There's a tremendous sense of self-sufficiency, and the giggling, incredulous thrill of having done something outrageous and got away with it. (Although I haven't quite got away scot-free - aside from the hangover and a bruise on Jacq's right cheek, my quads have been bloody painful the last two days, and I have no idea why. Can you strain them just by kneeling up on the bed for extended periods of time?)

But enough about me. On to this week's hyperkinks!

  • My name is me: a new website bringing together people from all walks of life to challenge Google+ and Facebook's restrictive and damaging policy disallowing pseudonyms. Violet Blue's statement in particular is a must-read.
  • Maggie Mayhem and Kitty Stryker have put together a new website on ways members of the BDSM community can work together to prevent abuse: www.consentculture.com. Here's an interview with them about the project, and here's Kitty's call for people to contribute their stories.
  • Jane of Janes Guide has written two great articles recently on this topic: BDSM, negotiation and consent, and More on BDSM and abuse. Raw, personal and thought-provoking - worth a read.
  • Lab Coats and Lingerie has a hard-hitting take on the problems with our restrictive model of what it means to be a female top in One of the nineteen. "I had no image of dominance other than the PVC-encased dominatrix, whichwhile fun to look atsure isnt anything like me. Not matching the classic femdom image didnt just make me not a dominant ... I actually believed I was not kinky."
  • Now for some eye candy! I love this Victorian schoolgirl birching photo.
  • Elegance Studios have a trailer up for their forthcoming bondage feature film, Slave Auction
  • There's a tremendously engaging sense of fun in this bedroom bondage photo - looking at it I feel like I'm right there with them.
  • Maggie Mayhem and her partner Ned have teamed up to launch an exciting new homegrown porn site, Meet the Mayhems. It combines sex education, informative articles, hot photos and steamy, satirical sex scenes between two people who are really into each other. At $8/month with no strict update schedule and pay-per-download options, it also represents an interesting new take on the traditional paysite model.
  • Next weekend I'm giving a talk at BDSMtag, a kink advocacy and outreach conference in Cologne. One of the organisers is Direktor Sands of SM Circus fame, and he suggested I travel over for the weekend, shoot on the Friday and attend the conference on the Saturday. They proposed an interview format for the talk, which is on BDSM and politics in the UK, so Ludwig has volunteered to help out by asking the questions. Should be fun!
  • Is Spanked, Not Silenced one of your favourite blogs? If so, please visit Between My Sheets and nominate my blog for the 2011 Sexiest Bloggers awards. There's some great political and sex positive blogs already on the list, and a few kinky blogs, but there aren't many candidates yet that are both political and kinky. I'd really appreciate the chance to give the topics I write about a wider reach. It'd make me very happy if one of you took the time to make a nomination.


Thanks for the comments and link, Pandora. It's always nice to know a post is significant to someone. Best wishes!

You're entirely welcome! It ticked several of my buttons :)

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