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The "salute caning"

Posted at 21:43 on 2 Sep 2011 by Pandora / Blake

The latest Spanked in Uniform update is my first appearance in the new Southport Naval Academy series, featuring white sailor suits, excellent hats, and shiny gold epaulettes for Captain Johnson.

New cadets Amelia and Pandora earned themselves an on-the-spot spanking on the deck of a Naval ship for leaving the tour group to rush off and look at a school of dolphins. (To be fair, dolphins are VERY exciting, especially to earnest new cadets with an interest in marine biology.)

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Weekend hyperkinks #4

Posted at 21:15 on 4 Sep 2011 by Pandora / Blake

I'm coming to the end of a deliciously decadent weekend with D and two very good friends. I had a lovely time at Torture Garden last night, which seemed to have a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere than at previous events, as well as no shortage of pretty people to look at. We got looked at ourselves at various points during the evening, and the debauchery continued once we were back at D's. I'm curled up on his sofa now under a duvet, happy and sleepy.

Things have been exciting for me since my last hyperkinks - two thrilling shoots for my site (the last ones before I launch!), my growing confidence as a switch with the aid of the ever-willing Jacq, and various good times in my personal life. But there's been exciting stuff happening in the wider internetty world as well:

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Tags: D, Female gaze, Fetish clubbing, Furry Girl, Gender politics, hyperkinks, Kink activism, Madison Young, Maggie Mayhem, meta-analysis, other pictures, Politics, Sex worker rights


Ballet heels

Posted at 00:09 on 6 Sep 2011 by Pandora / Blake

So you know how D likes ridiculously high heels? Well, I think we've just redefined ridiculously high.

These arrived a few days ago. He wouldn't let me put them on until firstly, we were alone, and secondly, we had ample opportunity for him to stick his cock down my throat as soon as I was wearing them.

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Tags: bondage, D, high heels, kink, Photos


The dreamer of dreams

Posted at 09:26 on 7 Sep 2011 by Pandora / Blake

I have a secret to share with you.

Pandora Blake dreams of spanking... do you?

(I know, you'd never have guessed, right?)

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Tags: Dreams of Spanking, Photos, porn production


Female gaze, spankee gaze

Posted at 10:32 on 8 Sep 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Well, the name and URL of my forthcoming spanking site has now been released into the wild, and the pre-launch page is open to the public. I've been thrilled by the positive response so far. Thanks so much to all who have signed up to our mailing list, followed us on twitter, left positive comments on photos and written emails. It's been great to see others sharing my excitement about this project. Thanks also to those who have sent constructive criticism and feedback which has enabled us to improve aspects of the site, especially our introductory text on the homepage.

If you haven't signed up to the mailing list yet, please consider doing so - I'll be sending out chatty, fortnightly updates on site progress, and the newsletter will be the first place I'll post the link to free preview galleries as I make them. There's a sign up form on the homepage and at the bottom of most other site pages.

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Tags: Dreams of Spanking, Fantasies, Female gaze, Photos, Politics, porn production, Vintage


Review: Amelia's Sunday Spanking

Posted at 21:00 on 10 Sep 2011 by Pandora / Blake

When I first heard that the Restrained Elegance team had launched a separate studio for ambitious, feature-length spanking and bondage films, I wrote an excited post to let you all know. I was particularly keen to see their first and only spanking movie. In my opinion their production values, photography and cinematography are the best you'll see in our BDSM niche, and while respecting Hywel's preferred genre, I've always been somewhat disappointed that they were using their powers for evil bondage, rather than the hard corporal punishment scenarios that get me really hot.

Well, I've been lucky enough to end up with a review copy, and on Wednesday Tom and I sat down to watch it. (NB. Neither Restrained Elegance nor Elegance Studios has an affiliates scheme, so I have no financial interest in this project.)

Vital statistics

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BDSM in the UK: spanking, the media and the law

Posted at 16:49 on 12 Sep 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Here is the text and video recording of my talk at German fetish advocacy conference BDSMtag. Many thanks to Ludwig for asking the interview questions and providing many interesting conversations about BDSM, society and politics over the course of the weekend.

The first minute and a half of the video is Ludwig's introduction to the German speaking audience, but the rest of the video is in English.

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Tags: BDSMtag, Extreme porn legislation, Fairtrade porn, Kink activism, Northern Spanking, Politics, Videos


Recommended spankings

Posted at 23:45 on 13 Sep 2011 by Pandora / Blake

I didn't have time to do a proper hyperkinks post at the weekend, but I did want to show you a couple of spanking links recently that caught my eye and turned me on.

The Intruder

The Villain and Erica Scott collaborated to produce this free spanking video. It shows us what happens when a creepy intruder enters Erica's flat. She fears the worst - and she's not sure whether to be relieved or more freaked out when she finds out that he just wants to spank her.

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Tags: Erica Scott, free spanking clips, hairbrush, paddle, Photos, school uniform, spanking stories, Spanking360, The Villain Strikes, Videos


Kinky Merit Badge: caning

Posted at 21:31 on 14 Sep 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Tonight, I am the proud recipient of:

39 whacks of the bathbrush (not terribly proud of that) 100 strokes of the cane (5 different canes, from junior schoolroom to Master) 20 strokes of the cane on my nipples (owwwww) 30 strokes of the razor strop (because I asked for them)

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Tags: cane, kink, kinky merit badges, Photos, Thomas Cameron


Schoolboys and aristocrats

Posted at 23:19 on 16 Sep 2011 by Pandora / Blake


I'd put a casting call up on my blog, but disappointingly, my inbox was not instantly flooded with requests for work from bright young things willing to shoot M/M spanking scenes. I received lots of emails from willing chaps over 40 who wanted to bottom to women, but lovely as I'm sure they were, none of them was really suitable for the scenes I had in mind.

In the end it was Twitter that solved my problem. I posted to the effect that I was looking for kinky young men willing to bottom on camera for CP films, and that I was offering competitive rates of pay, creative input and good times. Someone on my feed put me in touch with a friend of theirs. He didn't have a website, but he did have a link to a fetlife profile. I took one look at his photo gallery and was sold.

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Tags: cane, Dreams of Spanking, f-m, female gaze, Jimmy Holloway, m-m, other pictures, otk spanking, photos, porn production, school uniform, Sebastian Hawley, shoot writeups


Storing emotions in the body

Posted at 12:35 on 18 Sep 2011 by Pandora / Blake

A little while ago some friends of mine were talking about their experiences during yoga classes. One asked if she was the only one to experience panic and anxiety during savasana (corpse pose, a relaxation position). It turned out she wasn't, and several people added their own experiences of uncontrollable weeping or a surging of emotion while doing poses which were billed as "relaxing".

Shortly after her boyfriends death, Amanda Coggin, a San Francisco-based writer, was in a small, intimate yoga class. While in the class, she listened to the teacher, who encouraged the participants to breathe deeply and try to clear their minds. As Amanda positioned herself in an asana, she felt an immense release. Suddenly, she said, the tears just came.

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Tags: health and disability, kink, meta-analysis, other pictures, otk spanking


Website updates new and old

Posted at 17:55 on 23 Sep 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Website updates new and old

The variable publishing pace of porn production takes some getting used to. As a performer, the rate you work at bears little relation to the rate at which you are published. A month in which you do tonnes of shoots might be one in which no websites release any of your work - and vice versa. Scenarios you filmed years ago and have almost forgotten about might suddenly surface; but sometimes photos or videos go up the week after the shoot, far sooner than you expected. And films which you put your whole heart into and are desperate to share with the world might spend years in post-production.

Although I'm not modelling much for other studios at the moment, only for my own site, a lot of work I did in the last few years seems to be appearing lately. Recent website updates have included an interesting mix of new and old shoots...

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Stripes with the riding crop

Posted at 22:07 on 25 Sep 2011 by Pandora / Blake

I was very pleased that Jacq came to the party on Saturday night. For a start, she's an excellent drinking companion, and has proved before her ability to drink me under the table without ever seeming to lose control (she doesn't even get hangovers - most unfair!). Mostly, it had been a few weeks since I last got my hands on her, and I hoped to make the most of the opportunity.

Still, when there's all the diversions of a drinking party around you, it can be hard to find the right moment to slip away. There was some flirting, initially. Toppy flirting can be a bit tricky to get the hang of when you're used to playing the other role, but I'm gradually picking it up. When I made some threat or other - with a grin - and Jacq responded by wordlessly handing me my pint, it was clear that she was encouraging me to overcome my inhibitions and take the initiative.

In the end, things were set in motion by some social anxiety of Jacq's. She was unable to put a particular worry down, and I playfully suggested that perhaps she just needed distracting. "Yeah, that'd work," she said, and suddenly I had no choice but to swallow my hesitation and invite her upstairs.

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