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The "salute caning"

Posted at 20:43 on 2 Sep 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Amelia Jane Rutherford, cane, featured photos, military, Photos, Spanked in Uniform

The latest Spanked in Uniform update is my first appearance in the new Southport Naval Academy series, featuring white sailor suits, excellent hats, and shiny gold epaulettes for Captain Johnson.

New cadets Amelia and Pandora earned themselves an on-the-spot spanking on the deck of a Naval ship for leaving the tour group to rush off and look at a school of dolphins. (To be fair, dolphins are VERY exciting, especially to earnest new cadets with an interest in marine biology.)

Back at the Academy, the Captain expresses his disappointment in both girls and sentences them to his special "salute caning". Twelve hard strokes each, with a salute after each set of three and a promise to obey - while the other has to stand and watch, saluting all the while.

It sounds silly, but we both got really into it. The salutes gave the whole thing a lovely gravitas and ceremony, and our promises of obedience were truly heartfelt by the end. We both felt our cadets had a very high opinion of their Captain and wanted to make him proud. I rather think that all military canings should include salutes from now on.

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Quite salutory. I'm impressed with the level of apparent "realism" this uniform theme affords. Maybe it's partly because uniformed services, especially the military are a little removed from most people's experience, and so it requires less effort to suspend our disbelief that caning would really be a part of that world than it would in other contexts and scenarios used in spanking "porn".

How did they wrangle the use of an actual military vessel to film these scenes? Makes it oh so realistic. Thanks for writing up this report, Petty Officer Pandora!

All the SIU storylines make use of green screen to add background effects. This scene did use more than usual though!




Oooh, thanks for those historical stories! Food for the imagination - yummy :)

Pirates recently and now the navy, you seem to be developing a nautical theme. Both Amelia and yourself look great in your uniforms and I always enjoy a formal punishment. The top picture is interesting. If I had been the guy leaning on the rail I don't think I would have been looking in that direction however lovely the scenery.Of course the navy used to have a long tradition of corporal punishment and a few years ago the Telegraph carried a series of letters from ex-naval staff (including WRNS) who had been caned and strapped by Commanders and Petty Officers. It appeared that these punishments although unofficial were fairly common in the pre war and immediately post war period.

Oooh, thanks for those historical stories! Food for the imagination - yummy :)

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