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Website updates new and old

Posted at 16:55 on 23 Sep 2011 by Pandora / Blake

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Website updates new and old

The variable publishing pace of porn production takes some getting used to. As a performer, the rate you work at bears little relation to the rate at which you are published. A month in which you do tonnes of shoots might be one in which no websites release any of your work - and vice versa. Scenarios you filmed years ago and have almost forgotten about might suddenly surface; but sometimes photos or videos go up the week after the shoot, far sooner than you expected. And films which you put your whole heart into and are desperate to share with the world might spend years in post-production.

Although I'm not modelling much for other studios at the moment, only for my own site, a lot of work I did in the last few years seems to be appearing lately. Recent website updates have included an interesting mix of new and old shoots...

New: The Rivalry parts 1 and 2 at Spanked in Uniform, in which Amelia and I are both students at the Rockford School of Dance. Part 1 sees rivalry between the cheerleading and ballet schools as we fight over which of us gets to use a practise room. Amelia played a perfectly horrible character in this one, who made the mistake of delivering the line "I'm a ballerina, I can take pain!" just as Coach Johnson pulled her over his knee for a dose of his hard hand.

In Part 2, she's sent to join the cheerleading squad as a lesson in humility - and we haven't been working together long before we start fighting again. The Coach gives us both the strap, and confiscates our knickers for the rest of practise. Of course!

Old: Jobhunting at English Spankers. A job interview at an "adult entertainment" bar includes a spanking in order to demonstrate how discipline will be handled at this particular venue. This was the first spanking video I ever filmed, back in July 2006. It was weird to see it cropping up on the blogs again in the last few weeks.

New: Spanked by my roommate Sarah Gregory for plagiarising her college essay (more about this scene here).

Old: A Blushes-style school punishment photoset at Northern Spanking which surprised me when it came out because I had genuinely forgotten about making it. We shot this back in December 2009 on my last shoot with Niki Flynn. I think the photos look lovely, though, really capturing some of that nostalgic, evocative atmosphere from the classic magazines.

New: Another one from Spanked in Uniform, this time in the European Airlines series. For this one Amelia and I decided it might be fun to be punished for doing something genuinely annoying, and used the scenario to vent our frustration with people who hog aeroplane toilets. Imagine how much more irritating having to wait would be if the reason it was in use for twenty minutes was two air hostesses playing with new false eyelashes...

Old: Two more blasts from the past by , this time republished on Spanking Sarah.

These four poster bed spankings were pretty context free (I think it was meant to be a finishing school, but the atmosphere of the scenes is much more adult), but I just loved playing amid the rich colours and textures of the room. And the paddling and caning were both decently hard, too - I asked for the caning in particular to be quite firm, and I remember having some nice marks after this shoot.



I love your blog!

Add me to your favorite list ??

Your link is already being circulated in my favorites list ... add me in yours?

These look great. I'm just happy to know there's more of your work being published out there.

Wonderful :-)

Best Regards,

New or old, you're a joy to watch.

Hi Pandora

Interesting to see old stuff still emerging; especially the stills from your first shoot.

You were in fact one of the first spanking models that took on a distinct personality for me, back when I first subscribed to Spanking in Skirts. My taste, especially then, ran to the milder end of the spanking spectrum, and I think it was the first website I ever joined.

I haven't been a member there for some years now; the spanker isn't my favourite (I tend to be very critical of male spankers) but I have still have (most) of those clips of you saved on a DVD.

I enjoy watching your continued evolution in the field, and I will certainly give "Dreams" a try at some point.

Best wishes


[...] been a photoset going up on Northern Spanking over the last few weeks which I first blogged about a month ago. It’s called ‘Pandora and the Tutor’, and is of interest not only for its [...]

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