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Sarah Sly, Private Eye

Posted at 21:21 on 28 Mar 2012 by Pandora / Blake

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Spanking Sarah have just released the first scene I shot with them in Feburary! It's episode three of the ongoing series Sarah Sly, Private Eye.

The ongoing series are one of my favourite things about Spanking Sarah, although it's a website with many good qualities. (My other favourite things include the imaginative storylines, the sense of fun, the fusion of disciplinary spanking, sensual CP and occasional explicit sex, and the emphasis on Sarah's personality and fantasies.) I know that Sarah's partner and co-owner Mr Stern, the webmaster of English Spankers, has wanted to make a TV-style private investigator series with spanking for years, and it's great to see him finally having the chance to explore the idea through his partnership with Sarah Bright.

In this episode Sarah Sly is hired by a parent to investigate a teacher at their child's school, who is alleged to have punished the child inappropriately, as only the headmaster is allowed to administer corporal punishment. It was a fun scene: I enjoy the chance to play a teacher rather than a schoolgirl occasionally, and I liked getting to be a bit more grownup and professional, but still get whacked in the end.

The caning was surprisingly hard - well not really surprising knowing Mr Stern. I wasn't given a number and at the time it felt quite hard and fast and scary, but having watched the clip just now I think it was a fairly measured, if firm, 17 strokes.

There was a nice dynamic between me and the Headmaster - mutual respect, disappointment from him and remorse from me, a hard caning delivered with gentle words.

Pandora Blake spanked in Sarah Sly, Private Eye

Pandora Blake spanked in Sarah Sly, Private Eye

Pandora Blake spanked in Sarah Sly, Private Eye

Pandora Blake spanked in Sarah Sly, Private Eye

If you head over to Spanking Sarah to watch it, I can recommend checking out the previous Sarah Sly episode as well, which is called The Nursing Home Scam. In this one Sarah Sly is called in by Matron to investigate suspicious circumstances surrounding the changing of wills by various elderly gentlemen in favour of a young nurse working at the home. Sarah suspects that nurse Sally is offering extra-curricular services, but the truth is more sinister.

You can always tell that Sarah and her friends are enjoying themselves on their shoots, and this episode was particularly fun (my favourite moment was when Sarah hid in the wardrobe!) with some good acting, especially from nurse Sally when confronted by Sarah.

Sarah Sly, Private Eye: The Nursing Home Scam

The longest running series on the site is Unladylike Manor, which I was very keen to take part in. I'm glad I managed to shoot an episode for it because I've heard a rumour that Sarah might be drawing the series to a close soon. If you like imaginative punishment storylines, blackmail, recurring characters and spanking scenes with a sense of humour, Spanking Sarah is definitely worth a look.


I like Spanking Sarah for two reasons:

1) There's some purely erotic spanking there, rather than everything being some sort of punishment scenario.

2) They refuse to have any truck with the idea that, once past a certain age, a woman can only top.

This is probably my favorite of all your spanking roles Pandora. Maybe because you are mature, grown up and defiant. I think the photo at the top with you standing hands on hips captures this. Beautiful pose you are in. lol. Guess it makes me feel deep that I can appreciate one of your pre-exposure shots!

I think theres always a certain chemistry between a young lady and an old man spanking her. The third photo down where he has his elderly hands placed around your gorgeous young bottom, has such sexual tension in it.

I also like it when you giggle before affirming to him that your punishment is to be caned and spanked on your bare bottom! I love that! A grown woman being spanked bare bottom does genuinely have an element of humor to it!

One of my favourite spanking videos, but there are apparently two version of this, in the main one Mr. Stern makes Pandora drop her knickers to her ankles before the spanking, but there are stills here that show Stern spanking Pandora over the knickers and with them around the knees. There are stills elsewhere that show him pulling down her undies. Like many, I have a kink for panty pulling, so I think I would have enjoyed this other version more :D

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