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Bring my tea

Posted at 18:26 on 23 Jan 2012 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: cane, F-F, hand spanking, Janna, Nimue Allen, Nimues World, riding crop

The other weekend I headed up north to join a small gathering of people celebrating the launch of Nimue's World - the homegrown, boundary-pushing, performer-centric brainchild of Nimue, which launched before mine last year and which I am rapidly starting to think of as Dreams of Spanking's sister site. It was great to catch up with Nims for the first time since our sites launched, and meet her lovely poly family. They'd just come back from shooting with Will and Janna, and I heard all about the scenes they'd filmed as they bounced and decompressed.

I absolutely love the photos from the latest update from that shoot, Bring My Tea. As I know that Nimue and Janna are, like myself, inveterate tea drinkers, there's something inherently amusing about making it the theme of a spanking scene. But the photos are as stylish and elegant as any I've ever seen, to the extent that I had real difficulty choosing which ones to share with you.

Janna is the new maid in the household, and is still making mistakes. When she brings my tea, without a cup, and then tries to cover up her mistake by pouring tea in the sugar bowl, I decide it's time to teach her a lesson.

Over my knee she gets a good hard spanking, before receiving the riding crop and hard strokes of the cane. Hopefully she'll learn and not make the same mistakes in future!

High quality spanking photography and erotic F/F from one of the UK's most exciting new sites. I'll be reviewing Nimue's World more fully when I get the chance, but in the meantime, I hope this taster gives you a sense of the excellent work Nimue is doing. Please do check out her site, it deserves considerable attention.


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