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Posted at 23:46 on 2 Jan 2012 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: D, hand spanking, kink, Photos

Before Christmas, when D and I were still burning the candle at both ends getting Dreams of Spanking ready for launch, we managed to find the time for occasional play. These photos are a reminder of a particularly piquant spanking in which he demonstrated quite how much stronger he is than me, these days:

With friends visiting over NYE, D and I still haven't found the opportunity for a proper scene since Christmas. (Although if I hurry up and get off the computer, I'm led you believe that it might be coming this evening.) The only spanking action I've seen in the last couple of weeks has been one, single, unexpected smack while I was bending over to plug in my netbook in the lounge. A single smack - but it didn't half leave an impression:

Now, I'm heading offline to see if I can collect any more of those handprints.



A Beautiful marked bottom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The way you talk you are way overdue for a scene with D. Save the pictures after the fact.........:)

Be Safe,


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