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Discipline with Pandora Blake

Posted at 16:53 on 6 Oct 2012 by Pandora / Blake


Although you will have mostly seen me as a spankee on video, for the last few years I have identified as a switch, and enjoyed playing both roles in my private and professional lives. I now identify as a true, 50/50 switch. My top side is currently on the ascendant, while my submissive leanings are fulfilled at present by two long-term relationships.

There are few things that give me more pleasure than administering a beating to a willing bottom, and I am hungry for opportunities to do so. Consequently, I am currently offering 121 spanking sessions in London as a top.

Pandora Blake, sadomasochist

I would describe myself as a corporal punishment enthusiast, empathic sadist, playful dominant and nurturing disciplinarian.

For years my fantasies seemed evidence of my submissive tendencies. I have always dreamed of hard, no-nonsense over the knee spankings with hand and hairbrush - both thighs trapped in a leg lock so there is no escape - long minutes counted off as the hard wooden brush descends again and again despite your squeals. Or of deep, slow, ritualistic canings; thud and muscle and breath and riding the wave of pain to find a still place within yourself.

As I got older and found the confidence to start testing my skills as a top, both on video and in my private life, I wondered for the first time why the viewpoint in these fantasies was often that of the spanker. Thinking back, my first ever real-life spanking experience was when I spanked my girlfriend in her parents' house when I was 13. Did I have sadistic impulses all along?

At this point in my exploration, I identify as both masochist and sadist. The two impulses are intertwined, each a mirror of the other.

I enjoy the sensation of having my bottom beaten, and the physical act of thrashing a shapely behind brings a rush of lust, but central to true enjoyment of either act is awareness of my partner's pleasure. I cannot take real joy in inflicting pain unless I am certain that my playmate is having fun.

Equally, knowledge that my top is turned on by my suffering can help me to accept pain when I am on the receiving end.

Many times during my years playing as a bottom and submissive, my masochism has felt more like exhibitionistic self-sadism. When the pain seems too much to take, I imagine watching myself as a voyeur; I pretend I am witnessing the scene with sadistic enjoyment, urging my top to beat me harder. Suddenly, with that altered perspective, pain becomes pleasure again.

Over your knee

I am happy to switch if the chemistry is right, particularly once we have got to know each other well. I don't always switch on a first meeting but I enjoy doing so with regular playmates. You will not find me submissive - that part of myself is exclusive to my romantic partners - but I certainly enjoy taking a good spanking from time to time, and I love roleplay. If we are playing informally without roleplay characters you'll find me an enthusiastic, chatty bottom who delights in thuddy hand spankings, leather straps and the cane.

I prefer to switch with experienced, accurate players, but if you don't have much experience as a spanking top and would like to learn, I'd love to hear from you. I greatly enjoy the opportunity to mentor new tops and help them develop their skills by providing clear feedback, guidance and encouragement from the bottom. There is something very special about helping someone get in touch with their top side, just as I have got in touch with mine.


I enjoy a wide range of roleplay scenes. Favourite roles include Head Girl, teacher, Headmistress, Edwardian governess, babysitter, mummy or aunty. I love "spanked at school, spanked at home" scenarios and delight in giving a good telling off!

Alternatively, you could encounter an office worker, police woman, nanny, nurse, therapist... the possibilities are endless. Tell me your fantasies: I am fascinated by all aspects of the spanking fetish, and always open to new ideas. I might not say yes, but I promise I won't ever laugh at you.

Over my knee

When not playing a character, I tend to be softly spoken and courteous. I am not interested in shouting at you, although I can deliver a withering scolding if required. I want to make you feel good, I want to guide you through an empowering, thrilling experience, and I want to help you reach the right headspace to take the hard punishment you need and crave.

I am and always will be a spanking enthusiast, and I love administering traditional corporal punishment. The sadist in me delights in using my skills to cause pain, and provoke delicious reactions and whimpers. The artist in me loves decorating a deserving bottom with pretty colours and marks.

Each time I land a cane or leather strap on a trembling bottom, my body responds with a surge of excitement. I get a huge buzz from administering CP, and I love knowing that you are enjoying it just as much as I am.

If you crave the sort of hard punishment I dream of giving, then we will get on very well indeed.

Corporal punishment at every level

I enjoy administering corporal punishment at every level, from the sensual to the judicial. If you cannot be marked or don't have much experience as a bottom, don't worry - I honour all limits, know how to give marks that will heal within a certain time period, and give great warmups.

All of these pleasures depend on two things: trust and consent. Hurting someone brings me no lasting pleasure if it is purely selfish. The greatest enjoyment comes from creating a fulfilling experience for my play partner. I will gladly explore and test your limits, but I will not do anything without clear and enthusiastic consent. I much prefer to play with people who are able to communicate with me, and give good feedback. Don't try to be strong and silent - tell me how you're feeling. I love knowing the effect I'm having and I want to create the best experience possible.

Empathic, sensual dominance

It isn't just about severity. At its best this thing we do is a meeting of minds - and the brain is our biggest sex organ, after all. I adore the psychological journey of taking a play partner on a sensory journey of exploration; reading your body language, your breathing, every muscle twitch and tremor of voice to control your experience and bring you to a place of joy. As I guide you towards the level of punishment you need, I will be treading that path with you. I understand: I know how it feels. I have been there before.

When I am being spanked or caned, I know how good it is to find that still, calm place within myself, that core of strength; to center myself around my breath and know that I can survive anything life throws at me. As a top, my greatest pleasure is to bring you to that place, watch the happy glow as you surface after our scene and know that you will carry that positive, sensual energy with you for hours or even days.

Real life discipline

I have considerable experience with domestic discipline, and I am a firm believer in the therapeutic and motivating benefits of regular spanking. I know that consensual adult punishment and positive spanking can aid self-improvement and help alleviate anxiety, stress, procrastination, low self-esteem, insomnia and even some forms of chronic pain.

If you want to gain control over an area of your life you are unhappy with, and choose to enter into a discipline agreement with me, I will follow a tried and tested process in helping you improve your behaviour.

I will communicate with you throughout, consulting you on your goals, identifying problem areas, checking your progress and agreeing tasks and sanctions.

As your disciplinarian my role will be supportive and nurturing. I believe that you can do anything you put your mind to, and my aim is to help you achieve your potential. Accepting firm, fair punishment can give you a real boost as it cleanses you of guilt, breaks you out of a negative spiral and reminds you of your inner strength. If you can take a hard caning or hairbrush spanking from me, you can do anything!

If you would like to discuss an appointment, send an email introducing yourself to hello@pandorablake.com. Tell me about your ideal spanking scenario. We are limited only by our imagination.


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