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The Head Girl rivalry

Posted at 13:59 on 13 Dec 2012 by Pandora / Blake

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There are lots of reasons I like the latest film on English Spankers. Amelia Jane Rutherford and I got to wear fantastic matching school uniforms in burgundy, which is always a treat. I love matched uniforms and I love wearing clothes that a producer has picked out for me. The plot is also right up my alley. We play sixth form girls who are rivals for the honour of Head Girl. I get picked, but jealous Amelia has a plan to discredit me.

When I'm getting spanked with another girl there are usually two ways it can go. Either we are competing for the top's affection and trying to get each other into more trouble, or we are best friends and console each other through our punishment, brought together by misfortune. I love playing both roles with Amelia. We've worked together a number of times since our first shoot together in 2007 and have developed a great dynamic. We both love improvising and our kinks have quite a lot in common, and once we get going it flows really well. I'm not as witty as her, but I think together we can very quickly create believable characters and we each have a good sense of what the other is likely to do next.

(We've also worked together a couple of times with me playing the spanker, but that doesn't gel quite as well yet, mostly because I'm not as experienced with toppy dialogue. More practice required, clearly!)

So this rivalry plot line suited us very well, and as we bounced off each other the dialogue flowed smoothly and we both got really into it. I think Sarah came up with this storyline. She has a knack for creating scenarios her performers will enjoy, and she knows I have a kink for unfair punishments and don't really identify with the naughty brat role.

Sarah was absolutely right: the undeserved punishment Amelia gets me into in this scene was entirely my cup of tea. As the scene progressed it got worse and worse, and I loved every second of it. Check out my woeful face in this video preview! Poor, poor sad Pandora.

Of course this meant Amelia had the less-fun job of being the baddie, but she played up to it wonderfully, so hopefully she didn't mind too much.

To find out how Amelia frames me and what happens next you can watch the full film at English Spankers. There's a second part still to come as well I think, in which I get the cane for denying the unfair accusations. But will Amelia get away with setting me up?


It was as always as real pleasure to work with you. I did write the script for you knowing that it would be a role you would enjoy. This is one of my favourite films as you both play your parts so well

I have just discovered Suzie Smart on English Spankers and Spanking Sarah. I am joining both sites but I wonder if anyone knows where I can see more of her. Probably completely out of the question but I would love it if she could do some private modelling.

"will Amelia get away with setting me up?"

I think many people will be disappointed if she does!

i simply love this story. And i certainly hope Amelia doesn't get away with it !

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