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Leather gloves

Posted at 22:52 on 27 Feb 2012 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: dominance and submission, Fantasies, kink, other pictures

I have this kink for tops wearing leather gloves.

It's about gentility and power. The gloved spanker is protected, removed from you by one crucial layer. When they touch your bare skin, they aren't touched themselves. A leather glove can lend a touch of class, an air of mystery and money.

Or they can designate a brute, a biker, an officer. Military and efficient.

I like soft, black, Italian leather gloves on men and women. I particularly like driving gloves for men, lending that early 20th century air of masculine elegance. I love watching D wear gloves like this, smooth to the touch, delicately encasing his slender fingers.

A top actually wearing these gloves to spank you can be disappointing. It takes a practised spanker to lend sharpness to a gloved smack. Ironically, the more expensive the leather, the harder it is to put force behind your blows. An inexpert spanking in soft leather gloves is sensual, exciting, but ultimately soft. The impact is blunted by the treated hide, and lacks the necessary edge.

A harsher glove can be effective. Untreated leather, rough suede: these can lend weight to a smack.

Here, there's the ritual of the glove being put on before your eyes, deliberately; you watch, knowing that this means a punishment. Then the rough sensation of the hide, the thickly stitched seams, as the hand gives you a brusque preparatory rub. When the spanking begins it's breathtaking in its power. Perhaps the covering removes some of the sting of flesh meeting flesh, but the heaviness of the gloved hand will still make you gasp.

It's the impersonality of it that gets me. The gloved spanker will leave no fingerprints on your bottom; their sweat won't mingle with yours.

It's watching your spanker pull on soft leather gloves, one by one, tugging them neatly onto long, knowing fingers. They hold your gaze with half a smile, knowing that the sight and smell of the leather is driving you mad. It's the promise of that subtle, silken sensation of leather on skin, cool and perfect.

Soft leather gloves might be disappointing for spanking, but being caressed in them is delicious. They speak eloquently of power. And then, the feeling of smooth-gloved hands wrapped around your neck, pulling your jawbone upwards, fingers tightening around your fluttering pulse; a leather-clad finger trailing silkily down your exposed throat; the feeling of a gloved hand shoved over your mouth, smothering your cries and your breath; feeling your head held firm in gloved hands, the warm leather encasing your ears and neck as a cock is forced into your open mouth...

I have this kink for tops wearing leather gloves.


Hmm, my complaint about the reality of leather-glove spankings is opposite to yours-- I find it almost unbearably thuddy-- and I like thud! Maybe it's just that the tops have felt they had to put enough force into it to make up for the feel of the glove, but the elegance of the look was definitely not mirrored in the sensation.

Oh, I agree. A nice pair of black leather gloves would be very handy with the amount of time I spend walking around after midnight in winter, carrying a guitar case.

One day I'll be able to afford them again :)

Aren't they great? Sadly I had to throw them out a while ago - the fabric got too many visible snags and loose fibres. They were good while they lasted though :)

You're welcome!

Sod the gloves - I love your knickers in the first photo ;-)

Aren't they great? Sadly I had to throw them out a while ago - the fabric got too many visible snags and loose fibres. They were good while they lasted though :)

You're welcome!

Well, that's my concentration for the day shot ;)

*disappears into her happyplace*

You're welcome!

Hi Pandora,

now that is an unusual posting. I have been experimenting with gloves, but the "feel" from the top's side is not as fantastic as skin to skin contact.
I have tried several kinds of gloves. The type without fingers suited me quite well. They were not the usual car driver's gloves (too thick) but very thin tennis gloves designed for gripping the racket almost without loss of feeling.
For raising the apprehension of a victim to be caned, a pair of black gloves put on slowly and with ritual should be ideal. I have used a cane wearing a glove; it is good for grip without doubt, but the psychology of the ritual is the true winner.


I love the combination of gloves and spanking but more so when an implement is involved. The harsh crack of a crop or a cane, contrasted with the soft caress of quality leather. Oh happy thoughts.


Oooh, yes! I don't know if I've been whipped or caned by someone wearing gloves, actually - Tom took off his gloves to use the martinet in The Rehearsal. I guess it would take additional skill to be able to wield an implement accurately while gloved. It's a hot image, though :)


Both hands in leather gloves, running finger tips all over the body lightly.......!!!!!!!!!!:)


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