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Double canings

Posted at 21:58 on 21 Mar 2012 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: cane, kink, Triple A Spanking

I love double canings. I didn't get many at all the first few years I was playing, but apparently the more people I get to know in the scene the more likely they become. Here are some people I have received double canings from:

  • Tom and HH
  • Abel and Haron
  • Tom and D (best double caning EVER for obvious reasons)
  • Mrs Darling and Miss Hammond-Grant AKA Lucy McLean and Amy Hunter (close runner-up to best ever: advantage of one left-hand, one right-hand, also two ladies = win)
  • Tom and Hywel Phillips

People I have not received double canings from but would like to:

  • Ludwig and Kaelah (because couples are awesome)
  • Lucy McLean and Paul Kennedy (ditto)
  • Sarah Bright and Mr Stern (ditto)
  • Sarah Bright and Katie Didit (ladies = win)

Hell, if we're friends and you think I might like to be caned by you, feel free to grab yourself a partner. It's all good.

This post is brought to you by this scene from Triple A Spanking, which features not one but three naughty dormitory girls getting double canings from two stern teachers. Quite a production!

My favourite thing about double canings, quite aside from being the center of TWO tops' attention, is the capacity for rapid-fire delivery of strokes without losing any force or accuracy. It's lovely. Well, not lovely so much as an overwhelming deluge of sensation, but intense like standing under a waterfall, and very, very hot.

I don't think Emma is inclined to agree:


@ Pandora:
We are honoured! It's already on our potential to do list for the next time we meet. As the saying goes: Be careful what you wish for! ;-) It would be great if I were able to administer a caning either using a backhand swing, though, or using my left hand. How did the other right-handed duos do it?

By the way, you must take a look at Chross's last two comments on my post "One Small Step For Man". There was a little mix-up, and it involved you. It definitely made me grin. ;-)

Usually the more confident/experienced caner goes backhand. Or with D and Tom, I lay facedown on the bed and they stood on either side, which gave them both a "down" angle.

I'd be glad to play your sister someday! How would we explain the different accents, though? Separated at a young age?

Hmm, good question! I'm sure we would find a somehow believable explanation, though. ;-)

I definitely have to start practising backhand canings now. :-)

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