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Masie Dee in Game of Thrones

Posted at 12:58 on 8 May 2012 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: films and TV, Masie Dee, Performers and producers, Sound Punishment

A few days ago I finally sat down with Jacq and watched the latest Game of Thrones episodes, including the infamous beating scene. If you haven't seen it yet, this is a new scene written specially for season 2. (Spoiler alert! But the scene doesn't include any crucial plot points.)

Tyrion, after watching Joffrey abuse Sansa, wonders if part of the problem is sexual frustration, and sends him a couple of prostitutes, Ros and Daisy, to help alleviate it. Rather than going along with his uncle's plan, Joffrey forces Ros to beat Daisy so he can send her back to Tyrion all battered as a message.

Ros and Daisy are both characters unique to the TV show - they don't appear in the books. The up-market brothel outside the walls of Kings Landing which Tyrion frequents in the novels has been replaced by a whorehouse inside the walls. Rather than casting lots of different people as all the different prostitutes who appear in the books, they're consolidated into two or three recurring characters; Ros first appeared in season 1, and now manages the brothel. I think Daisy first appears at the start of season 2 as the whore Tyrion discovers Maester Pycelle in bed with, but I could be wrong.

I thought I recognised Daisy in the Pycelle scene, but couldn't place the actress. Then, before watching the episode with the spanking scene, I saw this post by Chross, revealing that the actress is none other than spanking and porn star Masie Dee, who has worked for a number of UK spanking sites including Sound Punishment, Spanking Sarah and Spanking Online.

How cool is that? Despite not knowing Masie personally I'm super-proud of her for making the transition from independent/niche adult performance to "mainstream" TV acting. It always makes me happy when I see casting directors taking adult performers seriously, and it looks like Masie has represented spanking performers pretty damn well. I'm really pleased for her and hope that this is the first of many TV roles.

Thanks to Chross, I've also discovered Masie's blog, which contains lots of cool video posts and some fascinating behind the scenes details of filming for Game of Thrones:

I must have done something right because after my first day I was not only asked back to do a scene leading into my encounter with the King (who is Irish in real life, that really threw me his accent in the show is amazing) I was also asked back for a third scene and I'm tentatively believing them when they told me it was because I did such a good job.

HBO's Game of Thrones

Once we got into the spanking scene proper I felt less like an impostor as that was the bit I was qualified to do after all! It was strange having to have that level of intensity for such a long day it was very draining trying to live it each time - get me I sound like I was trained by Stanislavski! I will add that at the time we shot this I had no idea that the actor who plays Joff was over 18. He looks so young and obviously is 14 in the books. So I spent the whole day feeling a bit weird around him as I was sure I technically shouldn't have been naked so near to him.

The best bits of the day was laying bent over the bed while the makeup lady bruised up my bum! The makeup girls were ace and I spent some time telling them how to fake cum shots for future productions as apparently it comes up more than you'd think.

Game of Thrones - the beating!

A friend of mine told me that minor though my character was she has made quite a stir on the discussion boards. People want to know if she was sodomized or merely beaten and if she is dead or not?

My take on things is this. I was in for a beating and thats what you all heard (thanks to everyone who cracked the jokes about me engineering a spanking). I may well have got hit somewhere like the spine or something and maybe the face but I don't think sex had anything to do with it. The look on Joff's face at the start is one of fear, he doesnt know what to do with a woman and is scared to try incase he fudges it and looks weak. I reckon I am still alive as he told Ros to take me to his uncle to show off what she had done - although the hound may have had to help get me there - I think a part alive thing would have had more impact.

Game of Thrones - behind the scenes

Masie's video posts are well worth watching too - she's a charmer :)

Thanks ever so much to Chross for posting these screengrabs of the beating scene:

So having watched the scene, what do I think?

  • Masie was excellent!
  • It's a good, dark addition to the story that moves Joffrey's character development along. I think Masie's interpretation of Joffrey's reaction is spot on.
  • It's more horrible than sexy, and that's the point. Actually it's quite refreshing to see a CP scene on TV which is properly violent and sinister, rather than the erotic comedy treatment it usually gets
  • I enjoyed that Ros' first reaction to the question "Can you hit her?" was to do the sexy spanking thing - clearly this is a standard part of a Kings Landing prostitute's repertoire! - even though that wasn't what Joff was after. I also liked the implication that Ros had experience delivering a belt whipping.
  • Without the introduction of the mace, it would have been an ideal unfair, grownup spanking fantasy. But then, if it hadn't been excessively violent to the point of making you make involuntary "ew" noises, it wouldn't be Game of Thrones.

If you want to see Masie being spanked in a more traditional way, check out this preview trailer from Sound Punishment.


As someone who is a kinky person, I find that there are a lot of scenes in movies and television that include stuff I would think was super hot -- IF there was consent.

I'm thinking in particular of the rape scene in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, which, if it was consensual, would have been a super hot takedown and bondage scene, but without it, is completely unwatchable.

I fast-forwarded through this scene in Game of Thrones, because I couldn't bear to watch it.

I rarely see scenes that include consensual kinky behavior in movies and television -- even a kinky staple, the initial spanking scene in Secretary, is basically sexual assault -- and I believe that's one of the primary reasons nonkinky people think that kinky sex MUST be abusive and bad.

Now, I realize, all of this stuff is fiction, and they're including nonconsensual sex as part of the character arc. I don't actually think the stories would be improved by taking these scenes out.

But I'd love it if more writers put scenes in that combined kinky sex with consent, rather than ALWAYS pairing kinky sex with nonconsent, abuse, rape, and murder (how many "serial killers at the S&M club" storylines have you seen on TV?).

I definitely see what you mean, but for me that response only triggers when the relationship is *presented* as consensual, but is actually abusive/problematic. Like in Nine and a Half Weeks, 50 Shades of Grey - even Secretary to some extent - where kinky relationships are portrayed as self-destructive and suffer from massive consent and communication failures.

This scene I didn't really think of as portraying "SM" so much as straightforward violence. It's not really sexy violence - that's the point. Ros is trying to encourage Joffrey in that direction, but he wants gore, not sex. I don't find this a problematic representation of BDSM any more than any other historical whipping or punishment scene. It includes corporal punishment, but it's not trying to represent a kinky relationship.

When I referred to the "erotic comedy" genre I was thinking of the portrayals in TV shows like Sugar Rush and Community - where consensual spanking is fun, sexy, funny and goofy. Those are actually quite positive representations but the darker side of my spanking kink appreciates the occasional portrayal of corporal punishment which isn't played for laughs.

Of course, ideally I'd like a mainstream spanking which was sexy, serious/heartfelt AND consensual ... but while I'm waiting for TV to catch up with reality, there's always the internet.

This post and the comment by Lily are an apt representation of the internal tension I often feel (and I suspect plenty of others of "us" feel); that being that when I see scenes that are non-consensual, they're often at least as hot (and usually even more hot) for me than they would be if they were consensual.

At the same time, I'm a peaceful, ethical person, as well as being an advocate for BDSM/Spanking, which means I emphasize informed consent as a necessity in their practice. I do want BDSM to be well-represented.

I agree with Pandora that this scene (I only saw the scene and not the series) isn't meant to represent BDSM, but I also can see how those who are ignorant of actual BDSM misunderstanding the scene as representing BDSM.

It's such a tricky balancing act for me as a writer too. I would not want to give up non-consensual scenes in my writing nor in my entertainment. But at the same time, in the back of my mind, as I write, is that person who may be viewing, reading, listening... that thinks "Ah... there's someone being turned on by what's happening. I think I understand this BDSM thing."

It's challenging, but I realize that necessary in the pursuit of wisdom is the tension of holding two opposing ideas that both have validity and understanding that neither is always "correct".

Thanks for another thought-provoking post :-)


[...] TinnyNibbles.com РClever clever spankophile girl Pandora Blake recognized Dee on the show as a fellow spanking aficionado and porn performer, and found Dee’s [...]

[...] clever spankophile girl Pandora Blake recognized Dee on the show as a fellow spanking aficionado and porn performer, and found [...]

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