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More nude modelling

Posted at 21:21 on 29 May 2012 by Pandora / Blake

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I've been doing a bit more paid photo modelling recently, and am again reminded of how much I like it. These two are from a recent shoot with a photographer friend in my new flat:

Then Saturday was a bit of a blast from the past. I was doing a full day model residency at the studio with which I had to cancel a recent shoot due to a hilarious mis-timed injury. Fittingly, this time I was asked to stand in for a last-minute cancellation.

A model residency is a odd way of shooting. You're almost a hostess, the studio yours for the day as you welcome each photographer in turn. This particular full day residency consists of four two hour shoots in a row. It's much more tiring than doing 8 hours with one photographer, because you keep on having to switch styles and discover what each new person wants (and photographers sometimes aren't very good at communicating what they want). You don't know who you're getting until they arrive, you don't know in advance what clothes or makeup they'll want, so you have to guess and make do with what you have, and even if you really click with one photographer, after two hours you have to stop and start all over again.

So I was a bit surprised when the day flew by, and I found myself having loads of fun. I got there early and before the day even started I'd got another booking with the photographer working in the darkroom downstairs. My first three photographers of the day were all new faces, and the regular changeover felt quite fresh and exciting. Despite not doing this sort of photo modelling regularly any more I think I've learned a lot from all the work I've been doing for Dreams of Spanking. My waist may not be as narrow as it used to be, but I'm stronger and know more about how to move. I felt very confident in my body and aware of my strengths and weaknesses. Oh, and I got to do lots of floor poses, which I love - they feel like being a child playing on the floor again.

But the best surprise of all was when photographer number four came through the door, and I instantly recognised him as the lovely (and likeminded) PWPimages. I shot with him five years ago and found him ever so easy to work with, friendly and relaxed and communicative, and I loved the photos he took of me. He seemed pleased to see me as well, and the last two hours of the day were the nicest of all. We worked on some interesting figure shapes using the sharp light and shadow of sunbeams on the wall, indulged ourselves with some bottom photos, and I got to loll about on the floor some more, and pretend to be a Greek statue on a box, which I really like. Finally, our shared playfulness came to the fore with a movement project of his, which involves twirling and spinning around with a piece of fabric to create fascinating abstract photos. Fun!

After the shoot I spent the rest of the weekend outdoors and, true to form, got badly bitten by an insect, so I now have a big red itchy swelling on my thigh. At least this time I waited until after the shoot.

I don't have any photos from Saturday yet, but here are a couple by PWPimages from our shoot five years ago:


[...] way it worked out, I had a shoot all day on the Saturday, then I jumped on a train and Tom and I had tickets for a gig in the [...]

How lovely you look! Great photos. Anna Gx

Cheers lovely. Really looking forward to seeing the new ones by PWP :)

Thankyou :)

Lovely new photo shoot Pandora (as are many of your photo shoots).

Thankyou :)

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