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Red bottom, big smiles

Posted at 12:12 on 28 May 2012 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: kink, other pictures

I stumbled across these positive spanking photos on the Happy BDSM blog:

They're by the folks of At Longing's End, where you can find lots more pictures from the set and details of the shoot, which included the model's first caning. Mina describes the experience of being photographed by her husband while she was spanked by another woman:

Kyras feminine hands pull my panties down around my knees. Her hands cup and caress my ass and I can hear her grin in amusement. She begins spanking me. The spanks start soft and grow harder. She pauses and I feel her hand rub circles into my flesh. Again she spanks me, pauses, and soothes my flesh. All the while she tells me how much she just loves giving spankings. They are so intimate. Oh, I couldnt agree with her more!

I know there were many times that Sylvanus probably wanted to get a shot of me in pain, but I couldnt stop smiling. I was having a great time. I couldnt believe what was happening and I adored it.

It's an old post, but the pictures are lovely and well worth a look.


Thanks for the visit to our blog and glad you enjoyed the photos and post!


I like the picture of your butt marked skillfully with riding crop. I prefer leather like a tawse or razor strop than a cane. Anyway, your always great to watch and love to see your cute butt. A nice bubble buttis great to hand spank and then the strap.

Be good and take good care.


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