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Texas here I come!

Posted at 20:50 on 2 May 2012 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Amelia Jane Rutherford, kink, Paul Rogers, Princess Kelley, TASSP

I'm still totally full of cold, although I haven't had the luxury of any time off, this being one of the downsides of business-owning. Oh well, at least work is fun, even when I'm dripping from the face. Still, I wanted to break radio silence to share some exciting news. I've known for a week or so actually, but it's SO exciting I wanted to take a good long run up and announce it properly, and then I got ill, so whatever, I'm just going to tell you.


I'm going to the Texas All State Spanking Party in June! I'm going to TEXAS! I've never been to an international spanking party before! I've never even been to America before! This is VERY EXCITING!

It all started when I saw this promo video by Princess Kelley:

It's beautifully made, of course, but it also made me miss Paul Rogers like crazy, and think how fun it would be to hang out with these warm, funny, generous people. I haven't met Kelley or 90% of the other names I was hearing about in connection with the party, but I really want to.

Then I found out Amelia Jane Rutherford was going and got the mega jealous face.

Long story short, I wrote to Paul and begged him to shoot with me so I could afford the trip, and, bless him, he said yes and did some running around to find other people to shoot with me, and I wasn't sure it was going to be possible, but then suddenly it all came together. I'm going to be shooting with Paul and Kelley before and after the party, and during the party weekend I'm going to be a British spy on a secret spanking assassin mission doing a demo on erotic spanking with Kelley, and I'll be a prefect in Sarah Gregory's Naughty Schoolgirl Party, and SO many fun things. I can't believe it!

So I'm ridiculously excited, and feel very very lucky and bewildered by my good fortune. But I'm also kind of nervous, inevitably I think. The travel is kind of daunting, with so much fun stuff packed in between - what if I'm really tired and overwhelmed by it all? And then there's the heat - Texas is warm, right? I hope I cope okay and don't start pouring with sweat when I'm meant to be on camera, or turn into some sort of Victorian maiden and swoon at the drop of a hat. (Texas has hats, right?) And and and.

But mostly I'm excited. So if you're going to be there, it would be awesome to meet you! And if you were thinking of maybe going, then you should totally come, and if you haven't been before then it's okay, we can be newbies together. It's June 14-17 in Dallas, Texas, and there's tonnes more information on the website:

I'll also be available for photo modelling over the weekend, so if you're bringing your camera and want to book me for a shoot, I'd love to hear from you. I hope to see some of you there!


I'm so glad to hear you're coming to the States! Although you'll be several states away and we're not likely to be able to go to this event, I'm tickled to know you'll be closer :-)

I just checked out the website and this seems like so much fun. One of these years I hope Ren and I can go.

Loving Princess Kelley's facial expressions in that last video on the promo clips page. Is she cute or what?! :D

Best Regards,

Pandora, as an American like to let you know a few details. Dallas is not the 'hippest' city in Texas, if you get a chance try Austin. Original Spanish pronunciation is "Tee ha(u)s" Also Dallas and most of Texas can get HOT. enjoy the the air conditioning.

You will live, Pandora, although perhaps by a pound or so lighter. The heat can only be tolerated inside of air conditioned buildings or pools.
I have been living in the greater Dallas area for five years, together with a whole bunch of mad German scientists. It was the time of sexual liberation (pill) and cheap grass! And kids were still spanked then.
On weekends you could walk into any flat in our apartment complex, you would be greeted by friendly wafting clouds with the typical smell, LOL.
As a non Texan, I can only tell you: expect everything to be larger, heavier, taller and bigger, from steaks to paddles :-)).
If you plan to talk to native Texans, take a translator along with you; John Wayne's drawl was pure Oxford English compared to the native's lingo.
I am just joking; have a great time and may your blistered rump recover speedily.

I wish you a lot of fun, Pandora! I'm sure it's going to be a great experience. :-)

Hi Sweetie!!!
Oh this just made my day!!!! :D You are so adorable and kind. I am SO excited to meet you and have you come here! And don't worry too much. You will totally be tired, but I will give you some pointers, and yes it is VERY hot, but we (unlike you silly British people) have learned the brilliance of air conditioning and use it well. :)
And in regards to the hats... well Paul and I got you a little surprise today :)
I am so glad you are so excited and so flattered by your post!
Counting down the days!

It's so cute how you said "there's tonnes more information..." Can't wait to meet you. If I get a chance would love to buy you a chicken fried steak. As I shared on Kelley's blog, England was one of the only foreign nations to have diplomatic relations with the Republic of Texas, and I once took a picture of the plaque on a building in London commemorating the site of the Texas Embassy. (Then went down the street and was awfully disappointed in the touristy restaurant called the Texas Embassy)

In response to Lou Fr33... parts of Austin are the hippy-ist in TX, I guess, but Dallas is unique in that it serves as a bridge between the South and the West, while earning its reputation as trying desperately to be as trendy as LA. Funny observation someone pointed out to me awhile back and it's so true... Go into a good ole boy office east of Dallas and there are civil war paintings. Good ole boy offices west of Dallas have cowboy and indian paintings.. there're few good ole boys in Dallas because they're trying to appear young and have modern art in their offices. Any in Dallas that have western paintings are transplants trying too hard to fit in.

Depending on your time, if you really want to capture the flavor of TX, one night head 20 miles west to Ft. Worth.

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