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A goodbye caning

Posted at 09:25 on 6 Jun 2012 by Pandora / Blake

The other weekend I visited Tom for what I expected would be a couple of days of cathartic play. I'd had the week from hell and had spent most of it in desperate need of some domination and soul-cleansing.

The way it worked out, I had a shoot all day on the Saturday, then I jumped on a train and Tom and I went straight out to a gig. With that sort of schedule I was either going to crash or stay hyper, and it turned out to be the latter. The music was outstanding, we had an amazing, high-energy night, and collapsed straight into bed. The next day I was eager to spend some time enjoying the sunshine I'd been missing all week (this was that blinding first UK week of summer; hopefully not our last!) so we headed to the park. A few hours dozing in the sun, reading and listening to Tom play guitar was the perfect antidote to my stressful week. I unwound, uncoiled.

Home, and we both wanted to play; but I discovered an contentedness where my tense need had been. The sunbeam had done its work, leaving me catlike and purring. I thought I might be able to chase sensations for their own sake, but when I asked Tom to spank me I just found myself gritting my teeth through it. I could take it, but I wasn't having fun. I insisted we try again, thinking that I didn't have to enjoy it at the time to enjoy the stress relief benefits, but the weekend and Tom's company had already done their work; I wasn't in need of stress relief any more.

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Molly and me

Posted at 15:05 on 14 Jun 2012 by Pandora / Blake

While Zoe Montana was in the UK earlier this year she told me about an old friend of hers who was a newcomer to the spanking scene, going by the name of Molly Malone, and whom she wanted me to meet. Molly and I managed to miss each other at various gatherings of Zoe's - sometimes by a whisker - but I was curious to see the pictures from her first photo/video shoot, which was with Northern Spanking. Zoe assured me that I'd want to shoot with her, and that we'd like each other. How right she was.

When Zoe headed back to Australia without having had the opportunity to make introductions in person, I took matters in my own hands and dropped Molly an email. We met up for drinks and dinner, and hit it off. It turns out we have lots more to talk about than just Zoe and spanking. Over the last few weeks I've really enjoyed getting to know her better, and our first shoot for my site Dreams of Spanking is scheduled for early next month. Our first full day shoot, that is; we've already filmed an informal little al fresco spanking clip, which is going up on the site this week.

So that's the bare bones of my acquaintance with Molly. It's hard to know how to describe more than that so publically, when it's all still so new. We've become play partners: that happened almost instantly. Lovers, too, I suppose I should own up to. I like her a lot. More than that...

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e[lust] #37

Posted at 11:00 on 21 Jun 2012 by Pandora / Blake

Photo courtesy of Molly at Molly's Daily Kiss

Welcome to e[lust] - The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you're looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it'll be here at e[lust]. Want to be included in e[lust] #38? Start with the newly updated rules, come back July 1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!

~ Top 3 ~

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Texas: pre-party shooting

Posted at 13:13 on 24 Jun 2012 by Pandora / Blake

Last week I was in Texas for the Texas All State Spanking Party! Not only had I never been to TASSP before, but I'd never been to any big spanking party, and on top of that this was my first ever visit to the USA. So all in all, it was pretty epic.

A quick lowdown on the "big spanking party" thing, for those who don't know already. There are several of these parties in America every year - others include Shadowlane, Florida Moonshine and Boardwalk Badness. I'm told there are differences between each of them, but as far as I can tell there's nothing like any of them in the UK.

In England, if you want to do spanking in public, you have a couple of options. You can go to all-night fetish clubs in a big city, with loud music and people dressing up in kinky outfits and getting up to all sorts of BDSM play, including spanking. If you know other spanking enthusiasts, you might get invited to a private house party which combines spanking play and socialising, or a roleplay event organised by a group of friends. Or there are commercial spanking parties offering a group 'pay to play' experience, consisting of male guests paying for tickets, and female professionals (tops, spankees or switches) paid to play with the guests. But if you're a woman, or a couple, or you just want to meet other people in the scene, there aren't any public, daytime, relaxed spanking-oriented events. There certainly aren't any big convention-style weekend parties in hotels with hundreds of guests, welcoming industry professionals and amateur enthusiasts, where everyone attends for the fun of it. I don't know if that's a glaring gap in the market, or simply a consequence of the UK scene being so much smaller in absolute terms than the US one.

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