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Molly and me

Posted at 15:05 on 14 Jun 2012 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Dreams of Spanking, kink, Molly Malone, Performers and producers, Photos, Subbing to women, switching, Zoe Montana

While Zoe Montana was in the UK earlier this year she told me about an old friend of hers who was a newcomer to the spanking scene, going by the name of Molly Malone, and whom she wanted me to meet. Molly and I managed to miss each other at various gatherings of Zoe's - sometimes by a whisker - but I was curious to see the pictures from her first photo/video shoot, which was with Northern Spanking. Zoe assured me that I'd want to shoot with her, and that we'd like each other. How right she was.

When Zoe headed back to Australia without having had the opportunity to make introductions in person, I took matters in my own hands and dropped Molly an email. We met up for drinks and dinner, and hit it off. It turns out we have lots more to talk about than just Zoe and spanking. Over the last few weeks I've really enjoyed getting to know her better, and our first shoot for my site Dreams of Spanking is scheduled for early next month. Our first full day shoot, that is; we've already filmed an informal little al fresco spanking clip, which is going up on the site this week.

So that's the bare bones of my acquaintance with Molly. It's hard to know how to describe more than that so publically, when it's all still so new. We've become play partners: that happened almost instantly. Lovers, too, I suppose I should own up to. I like her a lot. More than that...

Well, I blog about my spanking life and I'm writing this with her blessing. I don't want to compromise our privacy, or the potential of our fledgeling friendship by making things too public. But I make a point of shooting primarily my friends and lovers for Dreams of Spanking, so if I'm filming with her there's no point keeping our friendship secret. Certain aspects of our relationship will inevitably end up being expressed on film. So, I think I can put some flesh on those bones.

Molly is a true switch. She's not the first switch I've played with, but I've met her at a time in my life where my top side is on the ascendant, and I've started identifying as switch as strongly as I've always identified as bisexual. That shift is increasingly reflected in how I play. If I'd met Molly a year ago, or two, this wouldn't have gone the same way. It's exciting to meet a new play partner who can meet my growing need for switch interaction exactly as I'm starting to be genuinely ready for it.

The power dynamic between Molly and I feels completely equal. Not only do we enthusiastically balance topping and bottoming with each other, but we are genuine peers. We're of an age; although she's a little younger, and our histories are very different, we're at comparable points in our personal development. In terms of confidence, self-assurance, maturity and life experience we feel very much equals.

The first time I met her, after dinner and energetic conversation and a number of drinks, I threw down the gauntlet: "Well, then, aren't you going to spank me?"

She immediately leapt into life. Molly is always a dazzlingly animated person, and watching her light up even more brightly at the prospect of spanking is a sight to behold. "Oh boy, am I going to spank you!" And she did. She caned me, too; and I gave as good as I got. It was thrilling, playful, decadent. Mutual pleasure-seeking, challenges between equals.

Since then we've played a couple more times, never only one way or the other, but always exploring that delightful pattern of give-and-take. Laughter, teasing and good-natured mockery run strongly through our play, and the energy of it is both sensual and sexual. I've learned a lot from her already, and I can't wait to see what the future might hold.


[...] away from the computer. The night before I enjoyed playing drinking/forfeit/spanking games with Molly and her friends, and on my birthday morning she treated me to a champagne breakfast in the sunny [...]

I for one *loved* watching, shooting and filming the chemistry between you two, and I look forward to your subscribers being able to share more in it as well.

I may also have a small crush ;)

That sounds like a wonderful new love relationship, Pandora! I wish the two of you all the best. The picture is very beautiful, especially the way the two of you are looking at each other. :-)

Thanks Kaelah! It's a bit weird getting together with someone who's already well known on the scene, but kind of cool, too. I'm really looking forward to the personal side of things as well as the professional collaborations.

Aww, no crying allowed! Molly and I are having a lot of fun together and the switch dynamic is a revelation. I'm lucky to have met her when I did :)

Awwww, so lovely to hear about your new found romance. Brings a tear to my eye. And I really do envy you Pandora:)

Aww, no crying allowed! Molly and I are having a lot of fun together and the switch dynamic is a revelation. I'm lucky to have met her when I did :)

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