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Birthday spankings

Posted at 20:21 on 5 Jul 2012 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Dreams of Spanking, featured photos, kink, Molly Malone, seasonal spankings, strap, Thomas Cameron, Videos

Happy birthday to me! Actually it was my birthday last week, and I'm happy to say that I spent it almost entirely away from the computer. The night before I enjoyed playing drinking/forfeit/spanking games with Molly and her friends, and on my birthday morning she treated me to a champagne breakfast in the sunny garden. The day was so warm that Molly, Pilot and I went for a dip in the cold brown river before putting me on a train to visit Tom... where more spankings, good food, good beer, presents and live music awaited me. It was a pretty much perfect day. Then I saw D and Jacq at the weekend for dressing up, debauchery, cuddles and my requested birthday threesome, which was just as much fun as I'd hoped it would be.

I was thoroughly spoiled when it came to presents - and perhaps it's indicative of my life these days that most of them were kinky. Molly gave me a handmade book of 'gift vouchers' allowing me to claim such luxuries as breakfast in bed, and various erotic favours, at times of my choosing. Tom gave me a little gorilla pod for my video camera, ideal for popping on top of bedside furniture to shoot homemade porn. D gave me a strap-on (!!!!!) including a dildo I picked out, and oh wow, I have enjoyed every minute of that these last few days. (Hopefully, so have Jacq and Molly.)

As for the birthday spankings... they all involved my new leather strap which I brought back from Texas, and which is my new favourite toy. I've been looking for something like it for years. It's wide, soft and you can use it full force without doing massive damage. I love it. It hurts, yes, but the pain is thick and warm, a huge thuddy impact that feels like being slammed into the floor. It makes your skin tingle and your gluts ache, and I could take it forever and ever.

The first birthday spanking was given to Molly by me the night before my birthday. I'd already taken advantage of the excuse to spank her during the card game; once she was warmed up, I interrupted the game to give her a self-indulgent 28 strokes on the bare (plus one for luck) as she bent over the arm of the chaise. She agrees with me about the strap.

The second birthday spanking was from Tom the next day, after a lovely gentle warmup. Tom took a few strokes to get the measure of the strap, then warmed my bottom with 28 hard ones, leaving me glowing as we headed out for the evening.

The third birthday spanking was a re-run of the second, the next morning, for the benefit of the camera. I wanted to post a free spanking video to celebrate my birthday, and here you are.

You can click here if you'd prefer to download the file as a WMV or MP4 to watch on your computer. I've also put up a free gallery of high resolution screengrabs, and a handful of post-strapping photos. Hope you enjoy the video and pictures - I certainly enjoyed making them.


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I'm late to the party as usual :P but happy birthday, Pandora! I trust it was a wonderful time of celebration. I think I recall seeing a tweet about your magical week :D

Thank you so much for the video - very hot! Leave it to Pandora to give her readers and fans a gift on her birthday. Wonderful and generous : )

Best Regards,

A belated happy birthday from me, too, Pandora. I really enjoyed this clip, too-- that looks like an awesome strap! Only, well, why did Tom forget the extra stroke to grow on, plus one more for good luck?! ;-)

Happy birthday Pandora. Belatedly a little late, but i wish you all the best, personally and - of course - for your young enterprise.


Thankyou very much! :)

A belated happy birthday, Pandora! It's good to hear that you had such a great time with all your loved ones. And thank you very much for sharing this sweet clip! It is always wonderful to watch Tom and you together. :-)

I really enjoyed that vid. Thanks Pandora.

Thanks for commenting Kevin, glad you enjoyed it :) I like making these little bedroom videos from time to time but I'm never quite sure if it's worth the effort, or if I should save my energy for the more ambitious movies. It's good to know that this one was appreciated.

Thankyou very much Ben! I'm glad you enjoyed it. The 'whole team' in this instance was me and Tom, but I'm pleased that you couldn't tell.

My bum is feeling fine thankyou ... almost unspanked in fact! I'll clearly have to do something about that soon ;)

Lovely birthday shoot Pandora; my compliments for the hole team; i hope that you had a good time when you make these amazing production; hopely is your lovely bum very well now. Greetings for all of you.x Ben

Thankyou very much Ben! I'm glad you enjoyed it. The 'whole team' in this instance was me and Tom, but I'm pleased that you couldn't tell.

My bum is feeling fine thankyou ... almost unspanked in fact! I'll clearly have to do something about that soon ;)

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