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TASSP - a day of demonstrations

Posted at 22:06 on 6 Jul 2012 by Pandora / Blake

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Part 1: Texas: pre-party shooting Part 2: TASSP: first night

Perhaps it was jet lag, perhaps it was nerves, but despite my short night's sleep I woke up at 6am on Friday, the first day proper of the Texas All State Spanking Party, and couldn't get back to sleep. At 10am that morning I was due to give my first ever kink demonstration on Erotic Spanking with Princess Kelley, and I hadn't had much time to think about it. Once I was awake my brain started whirring and thinking of all the things I could say.

The demo was to be fully nude - a cunning gimmick dreamed up by Kelley to lure partygoers out of bed - so at 7.30am I gave up on getting back to sleep and got up to shower and shave. Amelia and I sneaked next door into the abandoned party room to do our make up so we wouldn't disturb our roommates, and ventured downstairs to find breakfast.

The hotel buffet breakfast was, in a word, amazing. Amelia and I were told at various points by helpful Americans that it was overpriced, or not that great, but being new to the USA it was like nothing I had ever seen before. Fresh fruit, freshly made omelettes, eggs however you wanted, sausages, crispy bacon, breakfast burritos, biscuit*, waffles with strawberries and cream ... and that's just what I ate. I had a long day ahead of me and knew I wouldn't have a chance to pause for food before dinner, so I helped myself to three platefuls and considered it excellent value.

* This is nothing like European biscuit - it's sort of like a scone, made with buttermilk and light and creamy and fluffy. You can eat it sweet or savoury, and it seems to serve the same function as a breakfast muffin.

On the way back upstairs we bumped into the Secret Spanko*, who thankfully recognised us and introduced himself, or else I probably wouldn't have known him. He couldn't find registration, so we led him back to Paul's suite, which was conveniently was where the demos were being held.

* He seems to be extra secret at the moment, as his blog was public last time I looked. Hope everything's okay.

Edit 10/07/12: Mark's blog is back up! Do check out his party report, it makes good reading.

The party room was filling up fast and Kelley was out buying more lanyards for people's name tags - I was suddenly full of sympathy and admiration for her having to balance performance with the stress of organising. My roommate Shay Elizabeth nobly volunteered to step in as a substitute bottom, so I asked Paul whether we should wait for Kelley or start on time, and he said start. Of course just as I had Shay laid out and had started to introduce us Kelley arrived, so they swapped places and Shay had a nice long anticipatory wait before her first smack of the morning.

photo (c) From The Ark Studio My and Kelley's Erotic Spanking demo... in which neither of us look like we're having as much fun as we were! Photo © From the Ark Studio.

I'd never given a kinky presentation before, but I've had a lot of conversations during my six years on the scene, and written a lot, and I think I have a reasonable idea what I'm talking about. I spoke about consent and negotiation, boundaries and the difference between erotic spanking and most of the spanking that will take place in public at a spanking party. I gave poor stressed Kelley a bit of a massage, and talked about mood, touch and pacing a spanking. I gave her a little warmup, and demonstrated a little of the Californian caning style of light, rapid, rhythmically building strokes, although of course there wasn't time to take it very far.

About halfway through Kelley took over, and demonstrated more massage/touch techniques on Shay's willing body, including finding the nerve clusters low down between the buttocks.

photo (c) From The Ark Studio Kelley and Shay demonstrate erotic spanking. Photo © From the Ark Studio.

It turns out that years of camera experience has given me an easy confidence with informal public speaking. Topping is still new and interesting for me, and I'm very conscious of the techniques I'm using; they haven't had enough time to settle into instinct yet, so I have lots to say about it. Anyway, we achieved our aim of breaking the ice for the rest of the demos, people said nice things about us, and I got bitten by the kinky teaching bug.

I stayed to watch the first half of the fantastic scolding demo by Dana Specht, which was informative, hot and entertaining by turns. Either Sarah Gregory was acting brilliantly, or she was genuinely being given a surprise punishment for a real-life issue (not drinking enough water in the hot weather).

photo (c) From The Ark Studio

Amelia volunteered for an off-the-cuff scolding, and charmed everyone's panties off with a roleplay about not wearing any.

photo (c) From The Ark Studio

At this point I snuck off with Marky Marks, the Secret Spanko, for a planned play session. We both had busy days - and he was only at the party for a few hours - so it was our only chance, but as a fellow switch and blogger I was keen to take advantage of the opportunity. We exchanged spankings and canings in my shared bedroom; his first experience of the cane in either direction. He was a natural with it in his hand, and took it bravely too. His bottom blossomed with beautiful welts which I hoped would fade quickly enough for him. He's a lovely fellow and I'm glad we got the chance to play.

I begged someone's assistance at getting hot water out of the coffeemaker and finally worked out how to make a cup of tea (I had, of course, brought teabags with me). Thus blissfully refreshed, I sneaked back into the demo room during Miss Chris's age play presentation, and earned Amelia's undying affection by bringing her a cup too. I found out I'd missed Vincent being scolded and spanked by Dana - sadface! There are some pictures though, of the scolding part at least:

photo (c) From The Ark Studio

Finally, I watched a bondage demo, in which Amelia modelled the different ties beautifully. Then we all got changed for Sarah Gregory's naughty schoolgirls party.

This was an opportunity for any female bottom party-goers to join in and play, and as a switch I'd been cast as a prefect, along with Princess Kelley and Sarah Gregory.

photo (c) Spanking Sarah Gregory

It was extremely raucous and chaotic, and excellent fun. The tops mostly let the bratting roar around them, administering spankings left right and centre but making no genuine effort to take control. It was more of an excuse for a rowdy play party than a believable school roleplay like Lowewood or Mrs Darling's Academy. I found myself pining a bit for Mrs Darling or Ms Hammond-Grant to descend and restore order.

photo (c) From The Ark Studio Me caning Shay Elizabeth. Photo © From the Ark Studio.

Still, I spanked a lot of naughty girls, and got some gratifyingly pouty faces when, provoked by particularly egregious bratting, I started smacking hands instead of bottoms with my wooden prefect's ruler.

Ten and Amelia both stood out for creative roleplay which put on a good show for the others, including Ten sneaking off behind some bushes* with Stevie Rose and the irrepressible (none other than!) Vincent Franklin, in his guise as a boy from the neighbouring school. That earned him a medium-hard caning from me, layering some real stripes on top of his light caning the night before, which drew a very attentive audience and put me on a bit of a toppy high. Then the naughty girls queued up to give him a spank each, an activity which proved so popular that some of them went back to the end of the line after their turn.

* table

photo (c) From The Ark Studio Vincent spanked by a queue of enthusiastic schoolgirls. Photo © From the Ark Studio.

photo (c) From The Ark Studio Three spanked prefects! Photo © From the Ark Studio.

Fellow prefects Kelley, Sarah and I got into a staged fight which we all got spanked for, then as a grand finale we lined up every girl along the tables at the front, with every top going down the line spanking each girl in turn. By the end I was sweating and my hand was nearly falling off. Poor Ten was right at the end of the line, and I don't think she was adequately punished at all.

photo (c) From The Ark Studio A line of naughty schoolgirls. Photo © From the Ark Studio.

photo (c) Spanking Sarah Gregory Casey Calvert, Christie Cutie, Amelia Jane Rutherford, me, Sarah Gregory and Princess Kelley.

Dinner was the delightfully weird concept of mashed potato martinis, which were both delicious and entertaining. Paul had asked me to bottom to him in a caning demo during dinner, but at the last minute Kelley suggested that I top instead. She gamely volunteered to bottom for me, so I gave a short medium-strength caning demo on zero notice. It was exhilirating to discover that I knew what to say, and I got lots of positive responses.

Next I watched Amelia get the large wooden paddle, and marvelled at her stated preference for paddles over canes.

After the demonstrations I was approached by a gentleman who wanted to book a switch session with me*, which was quite cool - my first (and only) session booking which hadn't been made in advance. We made a plan for the following day, during the vendor's fair, as it was the only time we could both do.

* D gave me special dispensation to do a couple of switch sessions for pay at TASSP, if I wanted, by way of an experiment. More about that in my next post.

After dinner, Ten invited Amelia and I to join in with a group spanking video as a promo for TASSP with her and eight other girls. Ten's roommate Jerry Diamond played the principal, and we all got three swats with the paddle. It was great fun, and strangely affirming to do more collaborative (i.e. unpaid) shooting - it's nice to be reassured that I make spanking video because I love it, and not just because it's a job, sometimes. Afterwards I hung out in Ten's suite, drank some beer and finally had a proper chat with Alex Reynolds, and adored her just as much as I thought I would.

Inspired by Amelia's paddling demo, I decided I needed to get at least one proper paddling while I was in Texas. Alex and I were making plans for a shoot trade the next morning, so I hired Amelia to get paddled with me at the same time. She was charmingly game.

I had some good chats with Andrew Morgan, the photographer I'd met in the bar on the first night. We talked shop and he gave me some advice on sound equipment. When I found out that he had decent camera kit with him, I asked if he'd like to film the trade shoot with Alex the following morning, and he said sure. I hadn't come prepared to shoot for Dreams of Spanking at all, but this was starting to come together.

Vincent kept telling me he was topping tonight; we hadn't switched yet. "Yeah, yeah," I teased him, "so you say. All talk, no trousers." Minutes later this proved to be eerily accurate, as I caught him with his pants down showing an admiring audience his cane stripes from the naughty schoolgirls party!

Vincent showing off his stripes - and his delicious bubble butt.

After a while he and I went down to the bar together in search of something nice to drink, and we had a "no way" moment on the stairs as we found out that we play the same musical instruments, to similar levels of proficiency. We got cocktails and spent some time hanging out with a gorgeous lady called Jade, her partner, and a nice English couple now living in America.

Back upstairs, on my way into Paul's/our suite Sarah popped her head out of the door and put a camera into my hand for the second time that weekend - this time to take some photos of her sub client. He was beautifully marked, and the high heels he was wearing made his legs look gorgeous. I took the photos and went back to my room with my head spinning a bit from how unreal this party was, like some sort of kinky wonderland.

I ended up back in Ten's suite, drinking beer and enjoying getting to know Ten and her boyfriend Dr Lectr and roommate Jerry. I really fancied Ten (who doesn't?) and was a bit thrilled to realise that the feeling might be mutual. We enjoyed a little flirt, and she booked me and Amelia for a shoot on Sunday.

Eventually, Vincent found his toppy mojo and I went over his knee - you've already seen the photographic evidence. By this point there'd been such a build up that everyone was waiting for me to switch with him, and we gathered quite an audience. He took it slow, though, and after ten minutes of warm up people started getting bored and drifting off.

I talked him through using the cane for the first time, trying to ignore our audience and focus just on him. He was very accurate, but a little cautious, as I think all first time caners are. You think you're doing a world of damage and you're barely having an effect.

Bottoming while teaching didn't let me get into a very submissive headspace, but the sensations were lovely; and honestly, I was still feeling so toppy and buzzy from the day's performances that I don't think I'd have been able to let go. Still, it was nice to balance my and Vincent's switch connection out a little.

Two demonstrations, a world of topping, and my Saturday and Sunday were looking increasingly full. I finally went to bed about 2am on Friday night, with another early start the next morning. I realised I wasn't going to get much sleep this weekend.


Thanks so much for the kind words, Pandora. I certainly enjoyed visiting with you, not to mention the spanking- that was kinda fun too! Still chuckle thinking about the shoe store called "Our Soles" weeks later!

My blog is back, by the way.

Yes, I was a bit disappointed that I didn't feel like I had a chance to get to know anyone there, but you're right, it was probably a matter of my timing. By the way Korey, just saw your account and really enjoyed it too!

Lovely post! And I can definitely attest that you were SO good at your demonstration that I bought a cane you suggested the very next day. Hadn't even thought of owning one before that (hadn't even touched one...) You totally pimp that implement, and I love how full of knowledge you are. I reflected on it in my own blog for the CRR (http://www.cherryredreport.com/2012/07/04/texas-spanking-party/) . You were awesome, girl!

Spreading cane love everywhere I tread! \o/

I LOVED your post! I nearly linked it in several other places, but I thought it would be overkill. Not just because you said nice things about me either (although, thankyou very much!) but because it was lovely to read a non-pro's perspective on the party.

Marky Marks commented that most of the public play while he was there (Friday daytime) seemed to be by industry peeps with other industry peeps, with non-pros watching. If that was the case then that's a real shame, and it was really good to read that it wasn't everyone's experience.

(I think perhaps that was just bad timing, as he arrived on the day of demos and the naughty schoolgirl party - but of course the schoolgirl party was open to everyone, as long as they were female, interested in getting spanked, and in an approximation of uniform! But maybe there's a point to be made there, still - what do you think?)

Well, actually, I really liked that it started out with pros spanking pros. I mean, I was a noob, and the party started with your demo first thing, and the spankings there.

I would have felt totally overwhelmed if I walked in and there were suddenly 30 guys who wanted to spank me and asking to do so. I was close to turning heel before all this, and the demonstrations let me take a baby step. And another with the schoolgirl party. I didn't participate (I didn't own a plaid nor pleated schoolgirl skirt and like hell I was going to be the only chick that didn't look the part up there), but I did like watching, which was all Marky Mark could do, too, so we both saw the same thing. What the schoolgirl party made me get into was the casualness and the playfulness of the spanking atmosphere. I left feeling comfortable with my surroundings enough so to get spanked during the meet-and-greet (once again--another baby step).

But after dinner on Friday, the party was hopping just like it was on Saturday! Can't say it was a slow night.

So yeah, it was a little pro-filled during the day, and thank goodness for it! It's totally what *I* needed, at least. No complaints. :)

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