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Posted at 18:17 on 13 Sep 2012 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Molly Malone

A couple of weeks ago, Molly and I broke up. Actually I broke us: I broke hard limits, I betrayed trust, and I badly wronged people I cared for. I behaved unforgivably.

As a consequence I have a lot of hard thinking to do.

This has impacted my life professionally as well as personally. I don't see that I have any choice but to keep on updating Dreams of Spanking, and I'm not sure I want to put this blog completely on hiatus until I've found a way of talking about what happened. But on both sites, my inclination is to focus on other people's stories at the moment.

I'll write a more detailed post once I've had some time to process it all. I have more to say, I just need to find the words. For now, it seemed important that I tell you this much, at least.


Of coarse I do not know real life you, only the you that comes across the computer screen but from that I find it hard to believe that you broke hard limits in a malicious, premeditated, deliberate sort of way. It is hard to know because of not knowing what happened. Best sort things out in your own head first.


I'm sorry to hear that things went so badly, Pandora! This sounds like a sad time for both Molly and you. :-( Sometimes bad things happen and we don't have a chance to turn back time and make them undone, even if we desperately wish we could do that.

I think you are right in that it is more important to keep Dreams of Spanking updated than to keep this blog updated. Please take your time until you have found the right words.

Hugs, Kaelah

Thanks Kaelah. Not sure I've ever regretted anything this much. No use wishing for a time machine, though - the only thing to do is try and learn from past mistakes.

Found the link to that article: http://seriouslythemovie.com/2012/09/07/learning-to-play-nice-by-playing-rough/

I'm reminded of an article I read recently about the benefits of rough play for kids, how it enabled them to negotiate boundaries and to experience going too far and recovering from that in the relationship. The author was of the firm opinion that no type of sport or structured play was anywhere near as educational when it came to building the kinds of relational skills that could be engendered by rough play.

Of course I was reminded of ttwd, and how it too is a sort of "rough" play with boundaries that are negotiated and renegotiated as relationships progress.

With that as a background, perhaps what transpired with you and your friend need not be terminal for the relationship but can maybe be a learning experience of sorts for you both.

I'd suggest a good spanking for your naughtiness if I didn't suspect you'd just enjoy it, but maybe some manner of punishment that you wouldn't enjoy like caould be negotiated as a remedy acceptable to the two of you.

Thanks for sharing the situation with your readers, Pandora.

Best wishes for a stronger relationship in the end!

Found the link to that article: http://seriouslythemovie.com/2012/09/07/learning-to-play-nice-by-playing-rough/

Sorry to hear about that Pandora. But I'm not sure I understand what your relationship with her was in the first place. I though she was a spanking partner for you, and nothing more. I have to admit, I only recently started to read your post, but I thought you were dating someone else. Not that I am privy to your personal life, what you reveal is purely up to you, but was there more to the relationship with Molly than just a spanking one?

Hi Pandora
I'm so sorry to hear about this rough patch in your life. I'm sure I speak for hundreds of fellow lurkers when I say your blog brings happyness and joyto so many of us and I personally look forward to the time soon when you'ree back on the horse and writting again.
Wishing you all the best
Love mogy

If it weren't a struggle, that would be the worrying thing. And recognising mistakes is the only way to ensure they aren't repeated, so being able to say it to others is positive in that regard. I believe these are things we each have to work out for ourselves, although having stories out there of failure and recovery can help.

So take your time, find the words if you think it's important, or just find the right space and make things the best they can be between you and Molly. Whatever it is that makes the most positive come out of this for the people involved.

Wishing you (plural) all the best.

PS also apologies for late arrival, I've been missing reading this blog for a while.

Dear Pandora,

Nomi and I are sad for you at this time and we have blogged about your website and wish you well. Be brave and yes learn from your mistakes. I hope that you recover and go on to produce to some wonderful work. We love reading your blog and seeing what is going on in your world, because you are always fresh and exciting.

Here is a link to the blog entry for you to read:

All the best
Jake and Nomi Kanehard

I'm so sorry to hear that things happened this way. I see this was written about 10 days ago, so I'm sorry I'm late with responding. Today, something in my gut - call it intuition - told me to go to Pandora's blog and read. I just wish I'd gotten here sooner.

As always, if you need to talk or write, I'm happy to offer an ear, or a shoulder, advice, or whatever you might need from me.

Take care of yourself and I hope you can forgive yourself. Realize this is key, regardless of whatever else happens.

Best Regards,

I'm really sorry to hear about this Pandora; I thought that the two of you looked adorable in the shots together, and I thought it was great that your partnership had helped give you the confidence to develop on the sessioning side.

I hope that things look better to you with a little more distance; it's an awful cliche but time is a great healer.

All the best; my thoughts are with you.


Sorry to hear about this, Pandora. I hope that things work out and that you're able to forgive yourself (as well as be forgiven by others). I suspect that the fact that you're so upset about it is a sign of how compassionate and caring you are (if you don't mind my saying so).

Best wishes.

I'm sorry. That's got to be difficult for you both. It can't be any easier if you find yourself to blame.

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