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Off-chart bossing

Posted at 13:16 on 23 Mar 2013 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Alex Reynolds, cane, Dreams of Spanking, kink, Nimue Allen, Performers and producers, Photos, switching, Thomas Cameron

I first met Alex Reynolds at the Texas All State Spanking Party last year. By then I'd been reading her blog for a few months at least, and thanks to her candid writing style I already felt like I knew her pretty well. She was just as brilliant in person as I'd expected, and we had fun hanging out, including shooting a couple of scenes for my spanking site Dreams of Spanking and a bit of off-camera getting spanked together, too.

That encounter, plus almost another year of mutual blog-reading and Twitter in between, was somehow enough that when she mentioned she was coming to the UK on a shoot tour, it didn't feel at all weird for me to invite her to stay as long as she liked. She ended up visiting for a week, during which time we got to know each other a lot better and discovered we had even more in common than we'd ever suspected. We also got up to about as many kinky hijinks and adventures as you'd expect when two spanking models and enthusiasts get together. This isn't always the case, but I think Alex carries a cloud of high spanking probability around with her, and somehow spankings are much more likely to occur in her vicinity.

After a first night hanging out and talking for hours, including under the covers after promising each other multiple times we were going to be good girls and go to sleep, the next day we headed to my local high street to pick up some clothes for spanking roleplays. Alex had been separated from one of her suitcases during a flight on the first leg of her journey (it was eventually returned to her home address, so she didn't lose anything permanently, but she had a lot less with her on her trip than she'd planned) and I've been meaning for a while to buy some more toppy outfits for shoots and discipline sessions. We picked up a few cute items and both got what we needed. I also found a pair of new jeans which I'm rather pleased with:

Pandora Blake in tight new jeans

That night I instigated a blogging date, hoping that Alex's shining example would motivate me to keep this blog updated more regularly. I wanted to get this post written, and Alex was working on this one.

After an hour or so of diligent typing, I hit publish. "Yay, I beat you to posting first!" I crowed.

"Yay!" she replied, "I'm nearly ready to publish too!"

"Well done," I said. I thought for a second. "I still beat you though. That means I get to actually beat you, right?"

This was a somewhat arbitrary bit of post facto rule-setting, but Alex was willing to play along. She lay over my knee on the sofa and I gave her a warm up with my hand, then told her to bend over for 10 whacks with my favourite heavy, long leather paddle. She knelt on the sofa and grabbed Fred, the snuggly dog who guards my sofa. (He's also known as the Drop Dog, because he's the perfect shape for dropping onto people's heads. If you do it carefully he will just sit there on their scalp with all four limbs hanging down around their face.)

"Comfort her well, Drop Dog," I intoned, "she's going to need it."

Alex Reynolds being comforted by Fred the Dog, after getting whacked

It was a playful little whacking, but she took it well. I got a real kick out of successfully initiating a scene, however short and silly, with someone I liked and respected so much. I hoped it wouldn't be the last time we got to play during her stay.

Like me, Alex is polyamorous and in multiple dom/sub relationships as well as multiple sexy relationships (unlike me, in her case the two are mostly separate). Navigating scene encounters when you submit to more than one person but not everyone is sometimes tricky. I've found that I've had much less trouble with it since I started switching, but as someone who is mostly bottom, Alex has solved the problem another way: with a handy chart.

Are you the boss of Alex?

I had no pretentions of dominance towards Alex; I still identify more as top than dom (when I'm topping), although if it's required, I enjoy giving dominance for short periods in negotiated scene space. "Bossing" however seems to occupy a weird space halfway between topping and domming.

On Friday, we were shooting for Dreams of Spanking with my partner Thomas Cameron and good friend Nimue Allen, who were arriving the night before. Alex had dropped various hints on Twitter and elsewhere that she liked the look of Tom, particularly in historical military costume. I knew that liking someone's photos didn't always equate to good chemistry in person, but it had occurred to me that if both seemed amenable, some off-camera spanking between Tom and Alex before the shoot might help them be more at ease with each other on the day.

Purely professional motivation, as a producer, you understand. No voyeuristic intent whatsoever.

As it happened, Alex's second spanking of the week actually took place before Tom and Nimue arrived. I was just finishing up some work when Alex came in to chat to me. She mentioned a couple of things that were bothering her, including being apart from her various bosses, and seemed to generally be feeling out of sorts.

"Do you need a spanking, Alex?" I asked. (It was only later that I discovered that she lists being asked if I need to be spanked as one of her kinks on Fetlife.)

Alex immediately looked a bit brighter. She asked if that would be okay, and said something along the lines of not wanting to be a burden. Obviously spanking cute girls in need is a trial and a chore for me, but still, it is a duty that I'm willing to bear. I took her over my knee.

This time the mood was a little less playful. I sat on the edge of the corner sofa so she could place her hands and feet on the floor while over my knee. By now I felt more certain of my ground, and I was fairly sure that any spanking I gave Alex wouldn't seriously push at her tolerance. I also knew that only a "proper" spanking works to get rid of feelings of malaise, so I wanted her to feel sufficiently punished. So I didn't start with warm up spanks, but began relatively firmly and briskly. I know that my hand spanking does not exactly compare to that of Malignus in terms of severity, but it elicited a few gasps in reaction. I maintained a steady pace to generate an appropriately disciplinary mood. At the same time I gently rested my other hand in the small of her back, or occasionally between her shoulder blade, in a gesture of reassurance.

Alex surrendered beautifully to the spanking, head and neck fully relaxed, only making the smallest vocalisations, but each one a small source of satisfaction to me. I spanked her thoroughly, paying attention to her thighs and crease. I paused a couple of times to give her some rubs and tell her she was a good girl, and once her bottom was pink and glowing, I finished up with a number of slow, hard spanks.

"I think that'll do for now," I said, returning to the rubs.

"I think so too," she said. "Thank you." I helped her up and we shared a long post-spanking hug.

This spanking felt mostly like service topping to me; helping out my friend who needed a spanking. After it, however, I started to suspect that a little off-chart bossing of Alex that week might not be entirely rejected.

Anyway, Tom and Nimue arrived, dinner was had, and we sat around drinking wine and talking about various things from US politics to UK folk music. As the evening started to wind down, I noticed that Alex's remarks about something she disliked were becoming petty, bordering on bitchy. Igave her a look. "Does someone need another spanking?"

Alex pouted a bit, and generally made "No ... well ... maybe" faces.

I cued Tom in with a glance. He leaned towards Alex. "I heard a rumour that you might be in need of a spanking before bed. Is now the time for that?"

Eventually her face resolved itself into "...Yes."

I don't know whether that counted as off-chart bossing on my part, or more like the co-bottoming "throwing under the bus" thing where you know your friend wants to play with a top and you helpfully nudge things to make it happen. Possibly it was both simultaneously. Hooray for switchy ambiguity!

Tom asked whether she wanted to be spanked without others watching, but she said that here would be okay. As a fellow pervert who liked them both and wanted to watch them get their spank on, that was also quite alright by me.

So Tom took Alex over his knee and I got the prime viewing seat behind her, watching as he slowly and thoroughly turned her bottom and thighs a vivid shade of pink. She started to sniffle after a while, and then to sob, but she didn't resist, submitting absolutely to the spanking and the sensations. It was beautiful to watch.

Nimue, sitting beside me and grinning at me from time to time, commented on how pleasing Alex's reactions were. I think I made a remark along the lines of how prettily she was pinkening up. When I'm being spanked in public, I find that sort of objectifying, appreciative commentary from any watching toppy types very hot, and I had a good guess that Alex would appreciate it too. (I checked with her afterwards, and she said she liked it, so that's okay.)

The spanking was hard and went quite low on her thighs. These hard hand spanks to her crease and upper thighs were the main thing that was causing her to sob. I started to see some purple mottling on her thighs from Tom's fingers, and moved forward for a closer look. Yeah, definitely some marking. "You might want to watch that," I murmured to Tom with a gesture, "given we're shooting tomorrow."

I hunkered down by Alex and stroked her hair while Tom paused to inspect the damage. Again, it was simultaneously a moment of sympathetic fellowship, and toppy pride and reassurance. Tom pretty much had that side of things covered, though, as he asked if she wanted a hug and then gathered her up in his arms for some proper post-spanking cuddle time.

Thomas Cameron and Alex Reynolds in post-spanking cuddle Thomas Cameron and Alex Reynolds in post-spanking cuddle

The next two days were taken up with shooting, and you can read all about that on the Dreams of Spanking blog if you like. I've posted some behind-the-scenes photos and in-jokes here, and a writeup of the scenarios we filmed with a whole bunch of preview pictures here.

Alex did get one impromptu off-chart bossy spanking late one night after we'd settled in bed. She hit me with her bear, I gave her a Look, realised I was going to have to act on it, sighed, flipped her over and spanked her as firmly as I could. Then I gave her twenty swats with the hairbrush, just to make my point. She was much better behaved after that as we snuggled down to sleep.

I don't have a picture from the bedtime spanking, but here's a photo of Alex accidentally showing off her rather delicious pyjama-clad derrière while bothering my cat.

More animal-related cuteness: Nimue, Alex and the stuffed animals in a cuddle pile!

Finally, on Wednesday this week, the time came for Alex to leave. I'd told her over the weekend that I wanted to give her a caning before she went away. The cane is my favourite implement, and it hadn't come out during the shoot; I thought it would make a perfect farewell scene. I'd also discovered that she'd never experienced the light warm-up style of Californian caning which is my pet technique for showing non-cane-fans how pleasurable it can be. She was shooting with Northern Spanking in a couple of days, so I didn't want to leave her marked; Californian style caning, with its rapid light percussive strokes, is perfect for this.

Once she was packed and we were waiting for Paul to arrive to collect her, I waited for an opportune moment. "I don't know if I'm enough the boss of you to tell you to take a caning," I said, "but I'd really like to, if you're up for it." She replied that she was, but she was also nervous about the cane's tendency to leave lasting marks. I reassured her that I knew what I was doing and intended to be careful.

She knelt on the sofa once more, presenting her bottom nicely. I picked up a thin cane and began to bounce it off her bottom, patterning light strokes rhythmically over her cheeks until she started to relax. As the rain of light strokes continued I threw in the occasional slightly harder one, not enough to welt, but enough to make her wince. Then I pulled back to gentle rapid strokes again.

Once I thought she was as relaxed as she was going to get under the cane, I swapped the thin cane I was using for my new, thick, lightweight cane which I've discovered is very hard to mark someone with. It weighs almost nothing, and has a bitey sort of thud but doesn't do much skin damage, so it's great for using between shoots. I gave her six strokes, which I asked her to count. They certainly seemed to get more of a reaction than my hand.

By the end of it she was perfectly pink, and she said that she liked it it more than she'd expected. In fact, she said she wouldn't mind taking a harder six with that cane next time, when she doesn't haven't a shoot coming up. Or possibly during a shoot. Either way, that's definitely something to look forward to.

Alex Reynolds, perfectly pink Alex Reynolds, perfectly pink

It was weird having the flat to myself after Alex left, but I'm really glad I got to spend so much time with her. I'm next seeing her at Boardwalk Badness Weekend in April, and I'm hoping we'll be able to steal a moment or two to catch up on chats and cuddles amidst everything else that we've both got scheduled that weekent. And maybe there'll be time for another spanking, too.


Those jeans are amazing.

Thank you very much! I'm enjoying them. :)

It's a work of genius :)

There is something very sexy about the type of mind that can express their consensual power relationships as a graph.

Looks like you had a great time together! And geeky charts are of course always cool. :-)

There is something very sexy about the type of mind that can express their consensual power relationships as a graph.

Those last couple of photos of Alex are so beautifully submissive

Yes young Alex is a lovely little spankee girl who has big spanks and she seems to have enjoyed her spankings in her trip to England ,with yourself and other spankos ,love and spanks from ,Timxx

Most people I meet in this scene are wonderful, but Alex instantly impressed me with her intelligence, positivity, and strong sense of self. I consider myself lucky to know her, and England is improved by having her in it.

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