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Date night with Tom

Posted at 23:46 on 14 Jan 2013 by Pandora / Blake

I'm missing Tom a lot tonight. It's my own fault, of course: I was wondering why his phone kept going straight to voicemail when I remembered that I hadn't posted his phone charger back to him after he left it here last Thursday. Oops.

So while I've got some time to kill and I'm thinking of him, I'll tell you about our date last Wednesday. Tom and I are still doing the long-distance thing. It sucks, but at least I can pretty much guarantee that we'll play on the occasions when we do get together. And my lovely new flat (all to myself, alleluia!) is well-suited to nice long scenes without having to worry about housemates. The gaps between times tend to result in a nice variety of play too, as time passes and we find ourselves into the mood for different things.

He came down for the evening. I'd cooked a nice meal (grilled tuna steak and lots of fresh veg) and we snuggled in front of a film. Then I practically dragged him to the bedroom. Well. Maybe he dragged me there. One or the other.

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Caned and figged

Posted at 22:41 on 20 Jan 2013 by Pandora / Blake

Fun fact for the day: The word "figging" derives from the 18th century word "feague", which meant "to put ginger or live eels up a horse's backside". The purpose of which was "to make the horse lively and carry his tail well".

Thankfully, it's not live eels but good old ginger that is employed in the new film on my friend Nimue's site Nimue's World; and, of course, on a hapless maidservant rather than a horse. There's an extended free video trailer for this scene which you can watch here.

Kitty knew the rules when she agreed to the job. The Master of the house is very strict when it comes to inappropriate behaviour between his staff, and when he hears that Kitty has been caught in bed with the Butler, he takes matters into his own hands. He doesn't usually get involved in the punishments of the lower staff, but Kitty is young and attractive, and he seizes the chance to take advantage of the poor girl.

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Justine Elyot, 'Kinky'

Posted at 14:53 on 22 Jan 2013 by Pandora / Blake

Kinky by Justine Elyot is an erotic novella recommended to me by both D and, I think, Adele Haze. I grabbed the Kindle versionlast year but only just got around to reading it. I raced through it, staying up late last night to finish it after only two evenings, and lots of orgasms!

It's not long; in fact I think it's just the right length for the story. The narrative is well crafted, with no gratuitous or unnecessary scenes. Each sex scene is integral to the story, and the overall plot is entertaining, and doesn't feel "pasted on" like in some erotica.

The story is set in Shoreditch (an area of London I know rather well) around a fictional underground club/venue called Kinky Cupcake. (These are apparently really a thing. Who knew?) It follows the adventures of two newcomers to kink, shy marketing professional Rosie and adventurous Russian traveller Dimitri. I found myself caring about them and wanting to know what happened next in the story of their relationship, as well as being keen to get to the next kinky sex scene we're promised in each chapter. Overall, this made for a page-turny read. It helps that it's well-written, wry and unpretentious. Elyot's prose is compact and engaging with a light touch.

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Posted at 23:17 on 31 Jan 2013 by Pandora / Blake

This is my bottom last night, after a school caning roleplay in the afternoon.

I was caught slipping gin into the punch at the sixth form Summer Ball. The Housemaster told me to meet him immediately in the staffroom, and I made my way there nervously, still in my cocktail dress and high heels. As he scolded me it began to dawn on me what a silly mistake I'd made. He told me to bend over for a few whacks right there and then, just in case I hadn't already sobered up, I think. Then I was given a choice.

I would have to be caned, no doubt about it. When the Governors found out about this they'd need to be reassured that it had been properly dealt with, and they knew how damaging it would be to my academic career to be expelled just before exams.

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