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Caned and figged

Posted at 22:41 on 20 Jan 2013 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: anal, cane, Fantasies, figging, Nimues World, Sites and studios

Fun fact for the day: The word "figging" derives from the 18th century word "feague", which meant "to put ginger or live eels up a horse's backside". The purpose of which was "to make the horse lively and carry his tail well".

Thankfully, it's not live eels but good old ginger that is employed in the new film on my friend Nimue's site Nimue's World; and, of course, on a hapless maidservant rather than a horse. There's an extended free video trailer for this scene which you can watch here.

Kitty knew the rules when she agreed to the job. The Master of the house is very strict when it comes to inappropriate behaviour between his staff, and when he hears that Kitty has been caught in bed with the Butler, he takes matters into his own hands. He doesn't usually get involved in the punishments of the lower staff, but Kitty is young and attractive, and he seizes the chance to take advantage of the poor girl.

Not content with just giving her a spanking though, he comes up with an even more wicked finale for her punishment - a finger of ginger up her tight bottom while she endures harsh biting strokes of the cane.

I love historical Great House spanking fantasies, and the setting for this scene is gorgeous. But it's the figging that really makes it stand out.

This is something you read about a certain amount, but don't see done very often in spanking video. It's one of my biggest unexplored fantasies, and it's enough to ramp up this scene from "hot" to "oh my god".

David de Wolfe (known on Nimue's site simply as "The Boss") is perfect as the slightly lecherous Lord of the Manor taking advantage of the helpless Kitty. Kitty's nervous submissiveness is hot, and I love the squeaky, frightened way she says "Yes, sir".

Director Nimue told me, "It's the first spanking roleplay movie that Kitty has ever done, and I think she did a brilliant job of it!"


@Walrus I do have some experience of anal play and, whilst it may not be obvious from the clip, the figg had been carved in to butt plug shape with a wider "flange" at one end to avoid just such an eventuality.

Thanks for linking to this, Pandora - I love her nervous squeak.

My only observation, wouldn't go so far as to call it a concern, was that it wasn't all that clear what he'd do if the ginger was sucked in - back when I was playing with a partner who was discovering ass play we had some scares of this nature. (This is why butt plugs come with flanges.)

The couple of figs I've made had a ridge cut on the bottom, attached to some string - there's preparation involved, but of course fussy preparation can be its own kink.

Would have been better if he used an eel.

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