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Double sessions with Nimue Allen

Posted at 21:27 on 7 Nov 2013 by Pandora / Blake

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Pandora BlakeNimue Allen

You all probably know that I love collaborating with the very kinky Ms Nimue Allen to create films for our porn sites Nimue's World and Dreams of Spanking. Well, that's not all; we're now also teaming up to offer double spanking sessions in London and Birmingham.

With two imaginative, sadomasochistic switches the possibilities are endless. We love roleplay, and we have worked together so many times that by now we can practically read each other's minds. Here are just some of things that might happen if you played with us:

Double caning by Pandora and Nimue, as modelled by the peachy Michael Darling

  • A fearsome double caning, accurate to a fault, from one right-hander and one left-hander. Are you brave enough to submit to both of us at once?
  • Spanked at school, spanked at home: first you're summoned to the Headmistress' office for the cane, then when you get home you discover she's already phoned your mother! Mum is furious with you for getting into trouble at school, and turns you over her knee for a hard spanking on your already sore bottom.
  • Ever fantasise about being ganged up on by two sadistic girls at once? Maybe it's a pair of evil prefects - or maybe it's your ex who's enlisted her best friend to seek revenge. With two filthy minds and two pairs of hands we can overwhelm you until you don't know what's hit you.
  • You and your girlfriend are caught behind the bike sheds, and you're both in trouble with teacher. You have to watch her be punished, knowing all the while that you're next - and she'll be watching.
  • Ring of Fire: three switches, four implements, and one deck of cards. Take part in the ultimate switchy spanking game, with random chance dictating the implement and number of strokes each turn, and no knowing what will happen next. All three players both give and receive until the cards run out!

Ring of Fire: the ultimate spanking card game!

And that's just the beginning. Spanking is our first love, but we also enjoy rope bondage, wax play, cross-dressing, objectification, voyeurism, embarrassment and more...

To join the fun, send an introduction email to hello@pandorablake.com.


Having had the pleasure of a double session with these two lovely creative ladies I can only recommend their skilfull mix of erotic dominance and spanking delights..an experience not to be missed, and not to be taken lightly !!

A meeting with these 2 extremely fun and sexy ladies is something that i had been wanting and planning for a while and i was delighted with the outcome. The sessions was mixed and varied and contained the perfect balance of serious spanking and fun! Pandora is superb as a dominant headmistress / teacher and Nimue was delightful as both my partner in crime and dominant girlfriend. They both know how to spank and cane and even with limitations on marking gave me a great spanking , strapping and caning. Nimue as a sub is just so sweet and demure that she brings a strong emotional attachment to the scene. The 2 hours went by too quickly and i just cant wait to play with them both again soon. The ring of fire game being at the top of my agenda!!

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